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Welcome Speech for New Employees by Employer

Here are Easy Formats of Welcome Speech. Every Student can use these formats according to their need. Necessary changes can be done.

Welcome Speech for New Employees by Employer

Dear Gorge and Henry, Congratulations on joining the Mega Fox Company. I warmly welcome you all in the new chapter of your life and wish you the best for your journey in this prestigious Company. We feel immense pleasure to have all the new employees in the office at their designation so this is a small speech for all the new employees. Every year, our Company grows 5x more than the previous year and all the credit goes to the hard-working employees. All employees are determined to make a change in their given sector by their unique work and equal opportunities to everyone is also given. We have more branches in other countries where employees are interlinked with us and the data is exchanged. Before you all start to join your tables, I would like to inform you that the reason for the success of this company is the unitedness of employees with great minds and great inputs. Best Wishes.

Thank you.

Sample Welcome Speech for New Employees

Dear Fellows,

Congratulations on being selected to be a part of this huge Company. We warmly welcome you all to the new journey of your life. Our company logo states “innovative ideas” so as it is the employees of the Company have also entrepreneurship approaches and skills to always come up with unique innovative ideas for the campaigns and projects. Your jobs have different domains so does your responsibilities varies so it is very important for you to be passionate about your work and don’t lose the sparkle in you for the work. We are not any usual company, we are the community of people who are friends and colleagues at the same time. We work, fun, party everything together. Our company gives us major opportunities to grow and be at some different place in a year. We promote peace and prosperity in our company. Work with all the passion in your heart. Have a wonderful day!