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Welcome speech for Chief Guest

Here are Easy Formats of Welcome Speech. Every Student can use these Format. Necessary changes can be done.

Welcome speech for Chief Guest

To the honorable chief guest,

We are highly honored to have your presence at our charity event. First and foremost, we are highly thankful to you for taking time out for our event. We truly understand that being a politician does not spare you any time. Your reputation as being the party member is remarkable and besides that, you are a social worker and have always worked for common people, independent of your political party member opinions.  It is due to your continuous support and charity for our orphan house that now we are able to arrange a charity event. We have successfully given shelter to hundreds of orphan children. These are the children that are most vulnerable and need to be protected instantly. We are glad that you became the voice of hundreds of orphan kids and helped us in giving this message globally. The main purpose of today’s event is to open a second orphan house for children.

Sample Welcome Speech for Chief Guest

To the principal, chief guest and students,

Good Morning to everyone present here with us on this occasion. We are very proud to announce that this is our 3rd annual sports year in a row. We have held this event to encourage our students to participate in sports and win trophies. Sports are not just for athletes, it is for everybody who wants to be an athlete. There are no boundaries when it comes to sports. I would like to welcome the distinguished guest of honor with his valuable presence today as chief guest on our sports day, Mr. Alexander Gib, who is a famous Olympian champion. We are well aware of his achievements and legendary wins. He has not always just won over tournaments but also the hearts of millions of people with his passion and dedication. We all love his tournaments. Today, we are lucky to have him with us who have made this nation proud on international forums. Thank you.