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Welcome Speech for Chief Guest on Independence Day Celebration

Here are Easy Formats of Welcome Speech. Every Student can use these according to his\her need. Necessary changes can be done.

Welcome Speech for Chief Guest on Independence Day Celebration

Dear Principal, Honorable Chief Guest, and Students,

Good Morning! I am highly honored to welcome you all on this auspicious occasion. I feel immense pleasure to be a part of the school who always values its country’s morals and patriotism is not just a feeling but an act of freedom celebration. Every year, our school celebrates Independence Day with full passion and fervor. We invite different personalities to our schools to deliver some words of wisdom and tell us tales of our independence. Therefore, I would like to welcome Mr. XYZ as an honorable chief guest in today’s event. He is an educationist and book writer. He has written many books over the decades on our country’s independence because of experiencing everything at the time in real makes his work more efficient and structured. We are fortunate, enough to be present here and be able to listen to real historic stories from himself. Let’s welcome him with a big round of applause.

Thank you.

Respected Principal, Chief Guest, and My Dear Fellows,

Assalam-o-Alaikum, I heartily welcome you all on behalf of our esteemed and prestigious school on the Independence Day event. We all know how many lives have been sacrificed for this country. There wasn’t one bloodshed but several more that follows and the sacrifices are not just confined to independence but to every day we breathe in this air of freedom. We are gifted to live this peaceful life without any hesitation because of the brave soldiers and sons of this country. There are hundreds and thousands of mothers who sacrifice their son for this nation so we can sleep at night peacefully whilst they fight with enemies on the border. Today, we decided to pay tribute to the mothers of the martyr, mothers of the nation. As a chief guest today, we have Mrs. Xyz who happens to be a principal of Army Public school and also the mother of martyr brave son. We all are grateful to her for the biggest sacrifice she made for our homeland and in the name of patriotism.

Thank you