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Welcome Back Messages for Employees

Here are sample text messages for employees. Necessary changes can be done.

Welcome Back Messages for Employee

I am so happy to welcome you back in the office. You make our days better by your loving and fun personality. We are glad that you recovered soon as expected from your sickness.

Welcome back! Happy to see you back in the company. We all felt your absence very much. We all have prayed for your speedy recovery.

Fighter always stay as a fighter! So good to see you so soon in your workplace. I am glad that you fought off your sickness. 

Welcome back after vacations. Hope you had amazing vacations with your family. It’s time to get back to work with same zeal and enthusiasm as you left it with. 

We are very much grateful to see you back in the office. You’re like sunshine, which makes everyone happy around them. Get back to work and give us some good ideas.

You are one of the most hardworking employees of our firm. It is evident that how you have played major part in the growth of this company. Having you off for straight two weeks was such a mess for us. Happy to see you back at work.

It’s so good to have you back in the office after your maternity leave. Hope the delivery goes well and the child is in good health. You’re always so efficient at your work that I found it hard to give anyone your place for a short time even.

Welcome back from maternity leave. Congratulations on your little boy! Hope he is as sweet as you are. I hope that nanny is taking good care of him in your absence. Great to have you back on board, surprise me with new designs as soon as possible.

It’s always good to have a loyal and hardworking employee back on work. Take what you need to settle in and start your magical work again.