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Urgent Leave Application Samples

These sample urgent leave applications can be used to ask for urgent leaves from work/school due to various reasons. You can modify these as per your situation.

Application for Urgent Leave due to Sick Father


The Manager,

Nestle Company,

Dear Sir,

I am Vikash Singh, working as assistant manager with you, I just wanted to inform and request you for an urgent leave for today. My father who is very old now is sick and I fear his health. I booked our appointment with his doctor last night and we have to go today.

My father is at the age where he can not walk or drive on his own. So, I being his only son has to take care of him. That’s why I am requesting you to allow me a leave for today. I will be very thankful.


Vikash Singh.

5th August 2021.

Applicarion for Urgent Leave due to Viral Flu


The Principal,

Delhi Public School,

Respected Sir,

I am Arjun Khanna, your student in class 10th. I am writing you this to inform you that I am suffering from a very severe and bad viral flu. I doubt it to be because of the smog in the air these days. But I am in constant irritation as I am not able to breathe and smell even rest.

Also, I want to confirm if it isn’t Covid. So I want to get tested before I will be giving my test today. As soon as I get confirmation about my condition and get a little better I will be back attending classes.

So I request you to kindly allow me an urgent leave for 2 days. I will be very grateful.


Arjun Khanna,

25th October 2021.

Application for Urgent Leave due to Sinus Headache


The Manager,

Tata Motors,

Dear Sir,

I am Anil Khan, working as your head of accounts department. I wanted to inform you about my sickness and inability to come to work today. I have had Sinus issues from my teenage and they usually get triggered by the changing and cold weather, exactly what happened now. My sinuses got triggered due to cold weather and I am in severe pain with eye and nose allergies.

I am going to see my doctor today In the hope that the situation gets better and I get to come back to work as soon as possible. I am taking my medicines and I hope after a check-up and a little rest I will be hopefully fine to come to work tomorrow.

Kindly allow me an urgent leave for today. I will be thankful.


Anil Khan,

5th November 2021.