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Does Technology Play a Role in Making People feel more Isolated?

Technology no doubt has connected us with everyone and is paving ways for limitless connections, business without borders, and making us all live in the same bubble, despite it making us all feel like we are under the same roof it’s simultaneously leaving us alone.

Does Technology Play a Role in Making People feel more Isolated?

Opening ways for e-commerce and making our lives easy, allowing us to surf through limitless websites available and have everything just at our arm’s length. It has the power to connect us to people hundreds of miles away but has deprived us of the time we could have to go out and have coffee in a library with another person.

 Evil disguised as a blessing.

Internet and technology tricking us to be saving our lives and time had made us left with no time at all for our parents, spouses, kids. Obsession with gadgets, videogames, online surfing, and virtual connections is nothing new to us with half of us having no real-life left. The worst is that most of us have a  mirror personality and life over the internet and are busy maintaining it.

Connected without connections.

Seems very true at this age when most of us have no real friends left. No actual hobbies and activities left. With multiple entertaining apps and media, we are becoming less disciplined and way more isolated. Spending time with family is left for occasions only. People connecting to the world know nothing about the person sitting inside the very next room. Communication over social media with hundreds of people has created communication gaps within families. Virtual connections give us an illusion of friendships and support and as soon as you are offline all that safe space vanishes leaving emptiness behind.

The horrors of obsession with technology.

Along with having devastating effects on our relations and communication, social skills in reality technology is doing us physical damage too. According to popular reports, people addicted to social media suffers from mental disorders like stress, anxiety, and depression. Having an eye on everyone’s plate makes your plate looks smaller and people tend to suffer from inferiority complex too from watching thousands of people daily. According to famous reports, social media addiction regarding stress has a total of 20% suicide rate out of all major reasons to suicide.

 The continuous pressure to be online leaves no space to work on ourselves and our lives and making no real progress is damaging lifestyles. From adults to young kids and toddlers having no limited screen time is having damaging effects on brain development and behaviors. Kids being addicted to gadgets is hindering their growth and power of thinking and is promoting pathetic behaviors once the gadget is taken away. According to this source linked below, 63 percent of Millenial respondents declared that they felt attached to their phones or tablets, while the same was true for 26 percent of the Boomers.


A fake world.

The reality is that we all are living in a fake world created virtually. You practically can not hustle enough to build a great lifestyle and healthy habits with an average of 6 hr screentime or can you? No doubt that with time advancement in artificial technology is going to have us all trapped in it with no way left to live offline. The most we can do about it is to limit our time online. Make friends, hang out, start engaging in activities like sports or doing gym, connecting with people face to face, remove communication gap within your family, and taking time out for family and friends on weekly basis to have more to our lives than JUST A SCREEN.