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Sample Resignation Letter by Teacher

Are you Looking for Easy Templates of resignation letters by Teachers? This is free to use for anyone. You can change them according to your need. For further queries, please contact us via the comment box or our given email.

Resignation Letter for a Better Opportunity

Dear Ma’am,

I wanted to inform you that I cannot continue with this school for much longer. The reasons for my leaving the school are personal and in no way, shape, or form do they have anything to do with the school. When I had first joined the school, you had taught me that the quest for bettering ourselves never truly ends. This is exactly why I know that when I tell you that the reason I am leaving is to be I have been offered a better opportunity at another school. You have told me time and time again that I have an aptitude for teaching higher classes, and I felt that I had not gotten that chance here. At this school, however, I am being offered those classes and it feels like an answered prayer. In the end, I wish to say that despite all else, I have learned a lot from you and this school. My time here has been wonderful, to say the least, and I do not regret any decision that I have made which has led me here.

Thank you.

Resignation Letter for pursuing Higher Education

Dear Principal,

I hope you are well and in good health. The purpose of this letter is to inform you that I cannot continue with the school. This is because I have finally decided to pursue my higher education and go abroad for my mas masters.
I am pleased to tell you that I have been awarded a significant amount of scholarship and grant money. I am very lucky to have come across such an opportunity and feel that letting go of it would be a terrible mistake. Furthermore, I would like to say that I am extremely grateful to have had the chance to work with you these past few years. It has been an honor to work under someone who is so accomplished and exceptional in their life and career. You are definitely one of the reasons why I added not to give up on my education.
Lastly, I would like to say that this is not a permanent goodbye. I plan on returning after I finish my studies, and would hope to work with you once more. Again, thank you for everything.


Resignation Letter due to Moving Out of the City

 Dear Sir,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this message. I am sure that you must have heard about the passing away of my grandfather. We have all been extremely distraught over these last few months. This is because everything was so sudden and unexpected.
Due to his passing, we have all decided to wrap up our family home and move away. I am afraid this means that I would no longer be able to continue with the school. Please consider this letter as my two-week notice, I would be moving out of my office on the 3rdof October. I am extremely sorry to have to leave you all, I had come to know all of you as members of my own proxy family.
Thank you for taking me under your wing and teaching me all that you know. It has been a pleasure knowing you and working with you all this time.

Thank you very much. Regards.

Sample Appreciation Letter to Teacher from Management

Teachers are the individuals making and shaping a whole generation. Apart from parents, teachers are the ones playing a parenting role for kids as well as educating the youth of the country. If as management you are thinking of appreciating the effort of your team and your teachers, you can use these sample appreciation letters provided below by changing them a bit. Feel free to leave your requests in the comment section.

Sample Appreciation Letter to Teacher from Management


Miss Shreya Mehra,

Rising Star School For Kids,  Mumbai.

Subject: Appreciation Letter From Management.

Dear Shreya,

I hope you are having a good day and doing fine. This letter is to notify you that management is very leased about your hard work and consistency in teaching your kids with dedication and love. We acknowledge that teaching pre-primary is harder than teaching kids who already know things as these kids are just learning new things and apart from learning maintaining a good class result from such small kids is exceptional. Your class is showing great results for the last 2 years. Your kids are doing great and are performing exceptionally in all activities. Moreover, the feedback from parents is impressive. Most are very happy with you being their teacher as their kids love you and mention you.

We are pleased by this strong teacher-student relationship and have decided to give you a bonus salary along with your regular salary this month to acknowledge your efforts. Have a good day.



Rising Star School.

Easy Appreciation Letter to College Teacher from Management


Mr. Hrithik Khanna.

Harley Arts College,  Mumbai.

Subject: Appreciation Letter From Management

Dear Hrithik,

I hope you are having a good day. This letter is being written to you to pass the gratefulness of the management to you for organizing the art exhibition at the college and managing the entire activities along with motivating students to create great art pieces and letting them showcase their talent to the world. This activity has motivated and inspired so many people. Your students wear by on your efforts in all their wwork and passion for their field. You are very famous among your students and are continuously doing good for the students and the college. The management is very impressed by your efforts and dedication to the arts and your profession.

We are really glad to have you on your team and vey atisfies with our students and classes being under your control. We appreciate your efforts and management has decided to increase your salary by 20% and to give you the coordination of the activities on the campus. Keep being great at your job.



Harley Arts College.

Appreciation Letter to Teacher from Management of the University


Mr. Akhil  Verma,

IIT University,  Delhi.

Subject: Appreciation Letter From Management

Dear Akhil,

This letter is to acknowledge your efforts and appreciate the amazing work ethic and dedication that you have shown towards your job and your students the whole year. The students in your class have been showing great results straight A+ for 90% of the classes. This is commendable and almost all of your students praise you for their great results and credit you. We have acknowledged your efforts for all the students and your dedication to making them all fall in love with their field. We are glad to have people like you on our staff. It’s not the course sometimes but the teachers who motivate students and make them fall in love with their subjects that is showing in your students.

You are doing great at your work and management is impressed to motivate and appreciate you it has decided to provide a bonus of 50k this month and increased your salary by 20%.  Keep up the same dedication. Have a good day.



IIT University.

Sample Thank-you Note to Teacher from High School Student

This article contains thank you notes from students to their teachers. These are free to use in case needed. For more information, contact us via email or through the comments box.

Thank you for your effort throughout the school year

Respected Ma’am,

I hope you are well! The graduation ceremony is upon us, and I thought to write you this note as a thank you for all your hard work and efforts this year. I know that this has been a taxing year, we are all learning to cope with this post-covid new normal, but despite all these changes, you have made our classroom a welcoming environment. I am sure that all of us agree that you have been an amazing teacher who has gone above and beyond for her students. Personally, I do not think I would have done nearly as well on my tests or exams if it had not been for you. I will always remember the extra effort you put into educating us; how you went the extra mile, and we’re never afraid to do more than just your duty to ensure we were all learning. Thank you for being such a wonderful addition to our academic lives, and I hope the coming years at this school are as pleasant for you as you had made them for all of us. You have all of our wishes and prayers with you.

Thank you for your help during the Exams

Dear Sir,

I am writing this note to thank you for your increasing efforts in order to ensure that your students maintain an adequate level of education. While you have surely been a great source of help and inspiration for all your students, and we greatly appreciate that, this note is a personal thanks for the efforts that you have put into my growth as an individual.

I believe that at the start of the term, I had been extremely confused and was lacking academically. You, however, held my hand and helped me through. Upon seeing my exam results, I have been further reminded that my results have as much to do with you as they do with me. This is because of the extra effort you have put, even staying back in breaks to ensure that I understand the subjects, and going over a concept repeatedly if I was stuck. All these might be routine for you as a teacher, but for me they are a testament to the fact that an inspirational teacher can influence your academic years and outlook on education as a whole. Therefore, I would like to thank you and wish you the very best as an educator. I hope you continue to find pleasure in teaching, as I have found in being taught by you.

Thank you for help with your studies and bullies

Dear Ma’am,

I hope you are doing well! This note goes to thank you for all your efforts and hard work that have made my time in school nothing short of an amazing experience. Initially, I had been a very nervous and anxious student, and my lack of confidence meant that I had struggled with getting along with my peers and my academies. I remember the first time you asked me to stay back during my break and asked me about the issues I had been facing. This meant a great deal to me because instead of categorizing me as a careless person, you took the time to look beneath the surface. Soon after you had identified the issues I was having regarding bullies, we started working on them, and my academic performance skyrocketed. Thank you for believing in me as a student, and believing that I could be an independent person. Your belief in me has helped me more than you know. You are the reason I have grown out of my shell, and I hope you find the appreciation and admiration you deserve.

Speech on Hope by the Teacher

Here are the Easy Formats of Speech on Hope bt the Teacher. Necessary changes can be done.

Speech on Hope by the Teacher

Respected staff members and my dear age mates! The topic which is given to me for a speech is Hope. The very first question that arises in my mind is why we need hope? What is its importance? Why it is an integral part of our lives? What will happen if we have no hope or we lost hope?

Dear audience! Those were the questions that popped up in my mind, but the only answer that came to my mind was hope is life, the very thing that knits the life process and gives us the status of being alive.

Respected Jury! Life is meaningless without the inclusion of hope. We breath, we laugh, we sleep, we dream and we wake up to a new morning is just because of hope. A hopeful person can bring changes to the lives of the people with whom he is connected to and a hopeless person is no good for himself or society. Hope is a new dawn! Thank you.

Speech on Hope by the Student

Respected Teachers, honorable judges, and my dear fellows!

Greetings! A very cool good morning to all! The topic that has been given to me for speech is Hope.

Dear judges! Hope is the language of life! Yes! It is the wave, the blood, the very essence that keeps us alive and give some meaning to our lives. Without hope, it is impossible for us to even take a breath.

Respected teachers! Life is not a bed of roses and in life, we all do face failures and disappointments, we all do get depressions, anxieties, and tensions, but that does not mean that we deny to live or commit suicide. It is my lord, the hope that keeps us going and life goes on. Life could never go on without it.

Dear fellows! Keep hope alive in you so that you can live, love and take care of others and make this society a pleasant place to live in. Thank you.