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Easy Passionate Love Email by the Wife to Husband

These easy email formats and samples can be used to send emails to your husband and significant others. You can modify them as and where required.

 Love Email to the Husband who Works Abroad from the Wife

My dear husband,

I have been missing you a lot lately so couldn’t hold back from sending you this. I hope you are doing great there and everything is going well. The weather there is extreme I hope you are taking care of yourself. I and the kids are also fine but without meeting you for so long things are becoming so dull. With you, there was excitement and care in everything but now it’s just routine tasks and life seems no fun. I want to know when you are taking leaves. Honey, you know holidays and occasions without you are nothing I want to spend this Diwali with you. I know you have been working there for us but I miss you. Anyways, I want to remind you that you are doing great honey. You are such a loving and hardworking partner and I adore it all.

Living away from you is hard but I have so many things planned for when you come back. Your favorite movie sequel was just released and I am saving it to watch it together my love. I just hope to have you in my arms soon till then lots of virtual hugs and love my man.

Yours only.

Preity Kaur.

Sample Love Email to the Husband from the Wife on Anniversary

My love,

I am writing this with happy tears in my eyes its been a complete 5 years since the day we exchanged vows and started living together. From that day my life changed forever. I became forever grateful for the man I have. You made me the luckiest person alive. You have proved to be the best decision I have made for myself. I am writing you this to make you realize how happy I am just because of you being my husband.

 You have tried your hardest always to get me all my desires without even asking for them. You have made me fall for you every day. You are a gentleman and I want to remind you that you deserve all the love and nothing but the best my darling. Your wife will always stay obsessed with you. Happy anniversary to us cheers to the happy years we have spent together.  You have all of my respect for being such a nice man for not only me but to everyone around you.

Staying away from you on this day is making me sad but I know you are coming back next week and that’s what keeps me going for now. We are going to celebrate it. Take care of yourself, my man. Awaiting eyes.

Love you,

Your Wife.