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Welcome Speech on Annual Sports Day

Here are Easy Formats of Welcome Speech. Every Student can use these Format according to their needs. Necessary changes can be done.

Welcome Speech on Annual Sports Day

Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Evening!

On behalf of King Marry College, it is my utmost pleasure and privilege to welcome you all on the 4th Annual Sports day. Staying Healthy and fit is as important as having a good academic report. Limiting yourself to studies does not do well to your health and as well as your life, extra-curricular activities are fun and as well as keep you active and punctual. It enhances student’s capabilities and their life skills, the student can play official international tournaments and get the career out of it. Students learn various kinds of abilities from sports as management skills and adapt to discipline in their life. It makes students learn patience in life, as winning or losing is a part of life. Scoring sixes and finding your name on topper’s list is boosting confidence. Professional training has always been provided to our students and it’s a pride for us that they have won several tournaments. Thank you.

Welcome Speech on Sports Day

 Respected Principal and Director of College,

I extend my very warm welcome to all the students and distinguished guests to our fifth Annual Sports Day. Sport is a vital part of human life. It refreshes the mind of a person who uses its brain 24/7. Sports do not just let the person win a race or tournament but taught a person a living lifestyle. Sports teaches management skills and discipline. It increases a person’s confidence level and mental power. Our college has always focused on extra-curricular activities of the students and on annual sports day, several students take a lot of trophies to their home. This isn’t just a sign of achievement but pride for a lifetime. To all the students who do not come forefront and participate in sports are lacking at many skills and missing the biggest adventure of life. In sports, it is guaranteed to find a team like home and friends for a lifetime. It increases your social circle.