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Speech on Cleanliness

Here are the Easy Formats of Speech on Cleanliness. Necessary changes can be done.

Speech on Cleanliness

Dear students! I hope you are good and fine at your places and getting the best possible education from your teachers and parents. This is my introductory visit to this branch and I am delighted to see the high standards of cleanliness and its maintenance are highly appreciated as well. I visited the canteen and saw the toilets as well, nothing was stinking or tainted with yellowness that clearly told the behavior of the management towards the cleanliness.

Your efforts, being students is also appreciable as you people are also concerned about the neatness of the college. The grounds are litter free and dust bins are full of waste garbage. I liked it and I expect the same from the management and student as well as from the sweeping body. Have a great day ahead! Best of luck for your bright future! Adieu.

Speech on Cleanliness by the Student

Respected teachers, principal, honorable judges, and my dear fellows! Hello! The topic that is given to me for sharing my thoughts is cleanliness. Cleanliness not only means the neatness of the physical environment, it equally applies for internal neatness. We, as human beings, must undergo the self-evaluation process on a daily basis. We should filter out the germs of jealousy, laziness, envy, pride, gluttony, and backbiting. We should avoid the habit of gossip as it wastes our time and decreases the value of humans as the crown of creation. We should take care of our words gestures, facial expressions, and body languages as they pollute other human being and brings negativity around that affects all of us.

Respected judges! It is a matter of great importance to clear off the dirt that rested on our minds and with this mindset, we pollute our dear earth as well. A clean mind would hate to create dirt and filthiness in the physical world so it’s the internal cleanliness that gives rise to external cleanliness. Thank you.

Speech on Hope by the Teacher

Here are the Easy Formats of Speech on Hope bt the Teacher. Necessary changes can be done.

Speech on Hope by the Teacher

Respected staff members and my dear age mates! The topic which is given to me for a speech is Hope. The very first question that arises in my mind is why we need hope? What is its importance? Why it is an integral part of our lives? What will happen if we have no hope or we lost hope?

Dear audience! Those were the questions that popped up in my mind, but the only answer that came to my mind was hope is life, the very thing that knits the life process and gives us the status of being alive.

Respected Jury! Life is meaningless without the inclusion of hope. We breath, we laugh, we sleep, we dream and we wake up to a new morning is just because of hope. A hopeful person can bring changes to the lives of the people with whom he is connected to and a hopeless person is no good for himself or society. Hope is a new dawn! Thank you.

Speech on Hope by the Student

Respected Teachers, honorable judges, and my dear fellows!

Greetings! A very cool good morning to all! The topic that has been given to me for speech is Hope.

Dear judges! Hope is the language of life! Yes! It is the wave, the blood, the very essence that keeps us alive and give some meaning to our lives. Without hope, it is impossible for us to even take a breath.

Respected teachers! Life is not a bed of roses and in life, we all do face failures and disappointments, we all do get depressions, anxieties, and tensions, but that does not mean that we deny to live or commit suicide. It is my lord, the hope that keeps us going and life goes on. Life could never go on without it.

Dear fellows! Keep hope alive in you so that you can live, love and take care of others and make this society a pleasant place to live in. Thank you.

Speech on the Importance of School Life

Here are the Easy Formats of Speech on the Importance of School life. Necessary changes can be done.

Speech on the Importance of School Life 

Dear students and my most respected teachers! I hope you will be fine and enjoying your lives as you all are in the nation-building skills. It is always good to see school teachers, especially because school life is the very first stage of students’ life where he gets into a preparatory stage before entering public life.

School assemblies, diaries home works. Class works, punishments, rewards, competitions, school choir, visits, extra-curricular activities, co-curricular activities and what is and what not! I know it feels like a burden when you are a child, but it is the very first interaction of ours with so many different people around us. There we learn to make friends, we learn generosity, care, and rivalry as well. School life brings joy to my face and I can clearly remember the teachers, the polite teachers. I still love them. Thank you.

Speech on the Importance of School life by the Student

Dear teachers and my fellow students! Greetings! How are you? I hope you all will be fine in your life. The topic which is thrown upon me is school life.

Well! I hate school life! Why? Just because everybody is busy making me monkey, donkey and a parrot! The syllabus and the system load me with books which I carry like a donkey, then they teach me how to behave like a monkey, lastly, the system loves to teach me how to do a repetition of the taught material, just like parrots!

Dear! I am a human being! I want to share, I want to learn, I want to talk, I want to grow, but I am caged in books, discipline, exams and then tuitions! Where is the time for me? In school I don’t even have time to eat properly and play properly, I don’t remember smiling or laughing in school and so is the case with my teachers! For me, school is a butchery and a dark jail where I always have to behave according to the rules no matter how inhumane they would be!

Speech on Technology

Here are Easy Formats of Speech on Technology. Every Student can use these Format according to their needs. Necessary changes can be done.

Speech on Technology

Dear staff members!

I will start my speech with the words, nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so. Dear all! The same goes for technology. By technology I mean information technology, communication technology, transport technology, and the list is endless! The thing is that technology itself is not bad at all, but it is up to the user what he or she makes out of it. If it comes in the hands of an evil person then technology is surely the evilest thing, but if it is in the hand of a saint, then miracles do happen!

My dear! Technology is a blessing as it makes our life easier and faster, but it is solely our mistake that we put it the prime importance in our lives. It is just part of life, not the whole life, so use it for fulfilling life purposes. Thank you.

Speech on Technology is a blessing by the Student

Respected Teachers, judges, and my dear fellows! A very warm good morning to you!

The topic which is given to me for speaking out my mind is technology is a blessing.

Technology is a gift no matter old or modern. It is good as far as it is our slave, but the moment it turns into a master, it creates havoc then!

Dear audience! Do not let your soul be mastered by machines as we, as humans are far better and more intelligent than these mere pieces of iron and steel! Be yourself all the time, and surround yourself with people who are spiritually alive and are yours, but not with gadgets and laptops or music tools. Learn contentment over modernism and technology has the ability to teach us so.

I will conclude my speech with the quote that ‘technology is a boon, but not the almighty. Thank you.

Farewell Speech for Students

Here are the Easy Formats of Farewell Speech for Students. Necessary changes can be done.

Farewell Speech for Students

Dear students! Knowledge is power as you all had heard it many times in your life, but the true expertise is using that power in a befitting manner and making people and situations a success! Now, you all are master’s degree holders and ready to spread your wings to fly towards the new skies of professionalism.

The university had loaded you with the wealth of knowledge and sanity and now it is up to you what you make of it, a curse or a blessing. You are shaped into a whole all-round personality and embraced with skills, the life skills that will ensure your healthy participation in your future concerns. Be committed to your jobs, people and family. Never cheat anyone and not even to yourself. You will be missed dears by all of us. Stay blessed and have a great day ahead!

Farewell Speech for College Students

Dear students! How are you? On this eve, I must congratulate you for the hard work and the dedication with which you have spent all these 3 to 4 years! A farewell is a heavy time, as it is the time when you people are leaving us! The college had arranged a small tea party for girls and boys separately in the nearby canteens. This is planned by your juniors and they wanted to crack some surprises over there. I request you to accompany them and enjoy to your fullest.

But, before going there, spare some time for me and give your attentive ears to me as I wanted to tell you something that is worthwhile and will save you from any sort of damage. Do offer a cup of tea to the persons who are linked with you, then wait for your turn, if they offer you a cup of tea in return, go for him or her, but if it is not offered back then stop yourself and invest your time and energy somewhere else where you can get fidelity. Thank you.

Farewell Speech for Graduating Students

Here are the Easy Formats of Farewell Speech for Graduating Students. Necessary changes can be done.

Farewell Speech for Graduating Students

Respected teachers and my dear students!

How are you all? Success comes to those who dare. Success does not mean getting something extraordinary or climbing Mount Everest or K2. Success could be like your efforts paid off well in the form of degree and result. Whatever you want to get, is gotten then its success whether it be related to your academic, professional or family life.

After getting schooling of 4 years, you are leaving us with having a degree of graduation in your hands. We are, no doubt, feeling sad as departure is never a happy feeling, but we are also feeling good as you are heading towards your academic excellence and going to prove yourself as a good citizen of this motherland. Feel relaxed, enjoy your life to its fullest, but never forget to show respect to your elders and love to your young ones. Stay blessed. Take care.

Farewell Speech for Graduating Students

Dear students! How are you? I can very well see the beaming faces glittered with the pride of satisfaction and the earning of the degree in your hands! It is no doubt a matter of great pride as your hard work paid off. You had enjoyed the party, your parents are sitting here with an ear to ear smile on their faces and I can see their faces gleamed with happiness as you had paid their fee and efforts to a greater extent!

Gentlemen! It is good to see you retiring from the college, but you are embarking on the very footsteps of the university. University is the place where you get to meet every type of person and you have to muster up your courage to get into the gear with the tough routine of university life, but I am sure you will learn a lot and enjoy a lot with your professors! I still cherish the university days and so would you. Have a great life ahead!

Farewell Speech for the Retiring Principal

Here are the Easy Formats of Farewell Speech for the Retiring Principal. Every Student can use these Format according to their needs. Necessary changes can be done.

Farewell Speech for the Retiring Principal

Dear fellows, respected teachers, and honorable principal!

How are you? I hope you will be fine and satisfied with your life. Being a principal, you were strict and disciplined, but we always get a strong feeling of motherhood from you. You punished us, for we were wrong, you appreciated us, for you wanted us to grow in life. People like you are rare and it is not an exaggeration, truly and honestly. Being ahead girl of the school, I had spent much time with you and after close observation of your seat and its responsibilities, I had come to this point that you are on a hot seat and it is not an easy task to handle divergent issues and at a time! We love you for whatever you have done for us and we will never forget your dedication and concern towards us. Have a great life, madam! We will miss you.

Farewell Speech for a Retiring Principal of Girls’College

Respected Madam!

How are you? I hope you will be fine and happy at your place as you will be heading towards the relaxing days of your life. I am happy for you madam. The reason behind my happiness is that you had worked day and night for the betterment of this college and gave it a true aura that reflects in each of your students’ lives and personalities. This is not at all an easy task to achieve, but hats off to you madam as you had achieved the milestone! We are so proud of you that words can’t define it!

I didn’t like the profession of teaching, but your presence on the seat of a teacher and then to headship changed my mind entirely. Just because of you, I want to be an educationist! Madam, I love you and don’t want to get separated from you. We all will miss you! Take care.

Farewell Speech for a Boss by the Chairman

Here are the Easy Formats of Farewell Speech for a Boss. Every Employee can use these Formats according to their need. Necessary changes can be done.

Farewell Speech for a Boss by the Chairman:

Dear staff members and my very own respected Sir David Morrison!

Ah! What a sad day had knocked the door of happiness, but for whosoever comes, has to leave the place, the role, the situation and the character he or she is playing. I am here on behalf of my company to say some words for our boss Mr. David Morrison, who is retiring and is leaving as soon as he has come of age. Sir, we are truly sad and are feeling heaviness in the heart on your departure. There are good times that we have spent together and there were many challenging tasks that would not be possible without your inclusion in it. You are blessed with true leadership qualities and we owe you a great deal of respect for your dedication and fidelity. We have arranged a surprise party for you and there is also something special for you.

Farewell Speech for a Boss by the Staff:

Respected Mr. Shackle Tony!

How are you, sir? I hope you will be fine at your place and would definitely feeling happy you are getting a good deal of happy retired time! Sir, we are happy for your happiness, but we are truly sad as well on your departure. We have shared a number of good or bad experiences and cater to those situations with accuracy and concern. On the behalf of the staff, I would like to share unanimous views and feelings of ours with you, sir, you have made us into a team, you geared us, you steered us towards the right move and guided us through thick and thin. The skills that you have taught us will stay with us forever. Please proceed to the conference room for refreshment and receive a small token of love from us. We love you, sir!

Farewell Speech for College Students 

Here are the Easy Formats of Farewell Speech for College Students. Every Principal\Teacher can use these Format according to their needs. Necessary changes can be done.

Farewell Speech for College Students 

My dear students! How are you all? Couldn’t hear you properly…. What happened?? Losing energy? At this age? Well, it is surprising for me because when I was of your age, I was packed with energy, a determination will power to conquer the world and never showing down ever in my life!

In you, I see my youth, but it is sad to see that you people are losing your grits so early! It’s just the beginning of your life and you are drained just spending ten hours and at a party! Young men! Life is tough so you have to be even tougher and prove yourself to live and keep on struggling!

Gentlemen! This is your last day with us, feeling sad is natural, but disappointment is a sin. Never commit it! Never! Gather good memories and move on! Stay Blessed!

Farewell Speech for College Students by the Vice Principal:

Girls, girls and beautiful girls! It is really good to see you people enjoying, laughing, eating, playing and taking selfies! Yes! It is a selfie time girls! Collect as much as memories as you can and save it with you as a refresher for your future life!

Life is different and deals with everyone differently, nobody knows what the future holds for him or her in the storehouse, but the best remedy is good memories. We have provided you with the one, this day is not meant for crying, weeping, missing and leaving, rather it is a day of laughter, love, gaiety, togetherness, and carelessness. Collect these good memories as medicines and weapons against the cruelty and injustice of life.

You are girls now, but you will become women soon and women shape a whole new society. I expect greater and highly civilized men and women from you. Will you? That’s the spirit! Good luck girls!

Farewell Speech for a Teacher 

Here are the Easy Formats of Farewell Speech for a Teacher. Every student\Prinicipal can use these Formats according to their needs. Necessary changes can be done.

Farewell Speech for a Teacher 

Dear Martha! How are you? I don’t know about your feelings regarding your leaving school. You must have been suffering or facing crucial circumstances that are why you opted for resignation and decided to leave your bonding with your students, teachers and of course with me as well. I am sad, truly. I do not want you to leave school and my offer of taking a year’s leave is still intact with me.

It is a matter of great pride that this school was blessed with a talented teacher like you who put up her excellent qualities and inborn skills into her students. You truly made them orator and polish their eloquence to a great extent. Thank you, Martha, for being with us for so long and accompany us with your jubilant personality and dedication. Please entertain yourself with a tea party that we have arranged for you.

Farewell Speech for a Teacher who is Leaving School by the Section Head

Dear Liza! How are you? I hope you will be fine and dreaming about the coming future life and off course the arrival of your first baby. We are happy for your happiness and pray the countless blessings for the rest of your life. Dear, every person has its entrance and exits as quoted by Shakespeare, but life goes on, no matter what the circumstances are.

You are leaving the school, but it is for the better and greater purpose and it is the upbringing of a complete child into a complete grown-up man! It is the heaviest task of all and I wish you luck, intellect, and courage to do this task. In your honor, we have arranged a lunch just to tell you that we love you and want you to come back whenever you want to. Thank you for being with us.