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Farewell Speech by Male Teacher 

Here are the Easy Formats of Farewell Speech for a Student. Every Teacher can use these formats according to their needs. Necessary changes can be done.

Farewell Speech by Male Teacher 

Dear Magi! How are you? In a class of 40, leaving off one student doesn’t matter, as per routine, but you are as special as a pearl. I have seen your work, the neat writing style, the workshop presentation and what a speaker you are! You had brought laurels to this school with your eloquence and excellent debating skills. You had good and strong ties with your fellow beings and I know it’s hard to leave the oldest relationships as the heart does not like many changes, but life is all about changes and we should accept it with an open heart. Your friends had arranged a small party for you and prepared cards for you. I hope you will remember them and will be remembered by all of us. Be the same forever, if it’s possible for you! Love you, dear pal,!

Farewell Speech by Female Teacher for a Student

Dear Aleena! How are you, baby? I just heard that you are leaving as your father had got the orders of posting from the army. See? I know it is difficult to leave good friends, happy moments and the naughtiness that you had shared with your friends, but the truth and a matter of fact are that life goes on and it should never be stopped. Get in touch with the oldie Goldie friends, but do keep in yourself the tendency to make new friends and be adaptable to newer situations and surroundings!  Big words are too big for your age, so I am not advising you something, but, yes, one thing I must say to you and it always respects your elders, love your young and behave well with your age fellows. Enjoy your life and move ahead. May God bless you forever. Amen