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Speech on the Importance of School Life

Here are the Easy Formats of Speech on the Importance of School life. Necessary changes can be done.

Speech on the Importance of School Life 

Dear students and my most respected teachers! I hope you will be fine and enjoying your lives as you all are in the nation-building skills. It is always good to see school teachers, especially because school life is the very first stage of students’ life where he gets into a preparatory stage before entering public life.

School assemblies, diaries home works. Class works, punishments, rewards, competitions, school choir, visits, extra-curricular activities, co-curricular activities and what is and what not! I know it feels like a burden when you are a child, but it is the very first interaction of ours with so many different people around us. There we learn to make friends, we learn generosity, care, and rivalry as well. School life brings joy to my face and I can clearly remember the teachers, the polite teachers. I still love them. Thank you.

Speech on the Importance of School life by the Student

Dear teachers and my fellow students! Greetings! How are you? I hope you all will be fine in your life. The topic which is thrown upon me is school life.

Well! I hate school life! Why? Just because everybody is busy making me monkey, donkey and a parrot! The syllabus and the system load me with books which I carry like a donkey, then they teach me how to behave like a monkey, lastly, the system loves to teach me how to do a repetition of the taught material, just like parrots!

Dear! I am a human being! I want to share, I want to learn, I want to talk, I want to grow, but I am caged in books, discipline, exams and then tuitions! Where is the time for me? In school I don’t even have time to eat properly and play properly, I don’t remember smiling or laughing in school and so is the case with my teachers! For me, school is a butchery and a dark jail where I always have to behave according to the rules no matter how inhumane they would be!