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Speech on Cleanliness

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Speech on Cleanliness

Dear students! I hope you are good and fine at your places and getting the best possible education from your teachers and parents. This is my introductory visit to this branch and I am delighted to see the high standards of cleanliness and its maintenance are highly appreciated as well. I visited the canteen and saw the toilets as well, nothing was stinking or tainted with yellowness that clearly told the behavior of the management towards the cleanliness.

Your efforts, being students is also appreciable as you people are also concerned about the neatness of the college. The grounds are litter free and dust bins are full of waste garbage. I liked it and I expect the same from the management and student as well as from the sweeping body. Have a great day ahead! Best of luck for your bright future! Adieu.

Speech on Cleanliness by the Student

Respected teachers, principal, honorable judges, and my dear fellows! Hello! The topic that is given to me for sharing my thoughts is cleanliness. Cleanliness not only means the neatness of the physical environment, it equally applies for internal neatness. We, as human beings, must undergo the self-evaluation process on a daily basis. We should filter out the germs of jealousy, laziness, envy, pride, gluttony, and backbiting. We should avoid the habit of gossip as it wastes our time and decreases the value of humans as the crown of creation. We should take care of our words gestures, facial expressions, and body languages as they pollute other human being and brings negativity around that affects all of us.

Respected judges! It is a matter of great importance to clear off the dirt that rested on our minds and with this mindset, we pollute our dear earth as well. A clean mind would hate to create dirt and filthiness in the physical world so it’s the internal cleanliness that gives rise to external cleanliness. Thank you.