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Speech on Children’s day by Principal

Here are Easy Formats of Speech. Every Student can use these formats according to their needs. Necessary changes can be done.

Speech on Children’s day by Principal

I welcome you all in this auditorium. As we are well aware of the fact that today is Children’s day and every 14th of November, we celebrate children’s day in our school with great zeal and enthusiasm by holding numerous fun activities for students. My today’s speech is also based upon today’s occasion. I cannot emphasize enough how much of great responsibility children are. Children are the future of the country who are going to make us proud in the whole wide world. We have a very bad culture in our society not to put much importance on children’s grooming. I want to address all the parent’s presence here today to please choose the best school, best mentors for your children and just not choose but follow up with the teachers on the progress of your student. Parent’s involvement in children’s grooming is very essential. Children are the future. Thank you.

Sample Speech on Children’s Day

To all parents, teachers, and students,

We all are gathered here to celebrate children’s day. What a great sight of children sitting in wonderful color clothes, giving smiles and giggling. This is what we should focus on how important our children’s smiles are and how much of our time we are investing in our children. We should produce future progressive, career-oriented and aimful individual not lousy, disoriented and depressed individuals. The development of the country lies in their hands. We are the creator of progressive leaders of tomorrow. We should give them time and love from our busy routines and check up on their health, studies. Parents and teachers need to be more vigilant towards what kid is learning and how is he implementing it, what is his thought process, where does his interest lie. These are the tiny little things that we ignore and suffer later on. I pledge today to show pure commitment towards children’s future, welfare, and health. Thank you.