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Sick Leave Email Example

Sample sick leave email to boss. Easy formats of sick leave emails are here. Everyone can use these formats according to need.

Sick Leave Email Example

Sub: Sick Leave from Meghan

Dear Mr. Grey,

I’m writing this to inform you about my health. I’m suffering from high blood pressure from the past few days and this morning I had a severe headache due to which I couldn’t come to the office. I will try to rejoin the office as soon as I feel better. Till then please acknowledge this email.




Sick Leave Email for Student

Sub: Dena’s Absence email

Respected Teacher,

Please accept this written notification of my absence on November 16, 20XX. I am unable to come to school due to bad health. I have diarrhea and my doctors have advised me to stay at home so that I can rest and recover. I will submit my medical certificate if needed. Kindly accept this. I have attached my current assignments. Kindly acknowledge them.


Dena tokia

Grade O lily

Sick Leave Email for Teacher

Sub: Mrs. Woston’s Leave

Dear Emily,

It is to inform you that I won’t be able to take today’s classes. As I’m not feeling well. Last night I and David (my husband) went out for dinner and after having that I am constantly dealing with this nausea and stomach pain. Kindly ask other teachers to take my lectures for today.

PS: Also, contact me if it’s urgent I will be available here.

Darline Weston

Kindergarten Teacher

Sick leave Email for Worker/ Office worker

Sub: Leave message from Worker

Dear HR Manager,

Hope that you’re doing fine. As you might know that I’ve been working on two shifts and don’t get enough time to sleep. I am not well from the past few days and my doctors have clearly advised me that I have to focus on my sleeping patterns. So, I won’t be able to come today. I hope that you will understand my problem.


Tim Burner

Department Sale