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Yes, but first what is Sex Education or Sexuality Education? Teaching people about their Reproductive Organs, their health, and safe sex but also making them aware of STDsand future consequences of unprotected sex

Sex Education should be made Compulsory

Why Sex Education is important in Schools?

Well, a wrong perception of kids should be educated about sex by their parents and schools must avoid talking to kids about such topics has led to a great communication gap between kids and their source of education on these topics. As a result, the unquestioned Guru of kids’ internet, takes place and often mislead immature minds through pornographic content.

Scope of Sex Education

Sex education provided in schools must contain education about

  • Safe sex
  • bad touch/ good touch,
  •  consent,
  •  how to maintain relationships,
  • how to take precautions,
  • knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases STDs,
  • contraceptives (which and when)
  • abortions,
  • difference between real sex and porn.
  • Education about reproductive organs kids have.

Why is it necessary?

The teens in schools are already sexually active and they are already getting their education on this topic from various unauthorized sources which often are of no help and only mislead them not providing them the essential details. I mean how old were most of us women were when we found out we have 3 holes down there! Because no one mind teaching us about our bodies and our sexual organs and we were unaware of it all the time.

And due to this basic lack of information on these certain topics, we have already seen a spike in teen pregnancies in the last decade. Most of these pregnancies are not even consensual and are just an accident that happened with them that leads to depression, school leaving for the teen mothers, abandonment from families sometimes, and also abortions. Teens are not mature enough to support and raise kids and most of the time they do not want to even have them in the first place.

Furthermore, not teaching young minds about the consent of others has made us see a spike in harassment cases and sexual frustration too.


How sex education can help this situation?

Teaching young minds and our youth about these topics on consent, safe sex, the contraceptives they can use, how to avoid people with a bad touch, how to use condoms correctly to avoid uninvited pregnancies, how to talk to their mates and parents about these problems at the right time, how to maintain healthy physical and mental relations and teaching them about STDs, precautions, and body changes during puberty and after can help us with most of the problems we and these kids are seeing these days.


Whatever opinion some may have of how sex education must not be provided in schools be it that it diverts young minds or it is the job of parents isn’t big than the problems we are seeing due to not doing it and not more important than the benefits we will see if we educate our youth about their bodies and safe sex so they can make better decisions for themselves.