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Sample Welcome Speech for Seminar in College

Here are Easy Formats of Welcome Speech. Every Student can use these formats according to their need.

Sample Welcome Speech for Seminar in College

Respected Principal, Teachers and Students, Good Morning!

I welcome you all with great pleasure in our 12th Annual Art seminar. It is gratifying to consider that the purpose of today’s seminar is “Preserve old Art in Hearts and Canvas”. Art is something that is inexpressible yet expressible. The human race continues to amaze thyself with the great art of humans. The massive heritage and beautiful extracts make it more fascinating. Henri Matisse says “Art takes courage” and it is absolutely true. Expressing your inner self to the world in the shape of art is indeed encouraging. People now express the important controversial topics of society through the basis of art. Art is freedom and within art lies our will to survive in a cold cruel world. For today’s extensive seminar, we have invited our very own artist, Ms. Mumtaz, who has impeccable insight and sees the world in a glorious way. Her art expresses her aim to spread positivity in the world.

Thank You.

Welcome Speech for Seminar

Dear Fellows and Management Staff!

It is my privilege to host you all on this arts seminar today. I extend my very warm welcome to the principal, teachers and our distinguished guests. I wish to take this opportunity and enlighten you all with the great side of the world: art. Art is not considered a very intelligent subject in our society and this is one of the most upsetting things about it. People degrade the art but when they want an escape from their everyday sick routine; they try to find aesthetic, art and entertainment in their life. In today’s seminar, we have a very eminent personality with us, the actress of her era and a golden star. She will talk about the irony of society and how they take art for granted. It is high time that we start to appreciate the children who want to take photography, arts, and paints as their major. We need to normalize the subject art as engineering and medical is.

Thank you.