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Sample Thank you Note to Teacher from Parents

This article contains thank you notes from parents to teachers, for their efforts during the school year. This is helpful and free to use for anyone who needs appreciative emails. For further queries, contact us via email or the comment box.

Thank you for helping the Child study for Exams

Dear Ma’am,

I hope this email finds you in good health. This is to tell you that upon reviewing the report cards for this year, I am pleased to say that my child has performed excellently. I cannot help but credit you for the exponential improvements that he has made during this year.

It has been no surprise that my child is not the best at test-taking or performing under pressure. It is very easy to get agitated with him or consider him a problem child. You, however, have been very kind to him during the year. You have not only been a patient teacher, but have also made every effort possible to make sure that he was understanding all the concepts, and keeping up with the class. This might be routine for you, and if that is the case then that makes you an even better teacher, but if you have truly gone out of the way for my child, then I hope you know that I am utterly grateful. Thank you for living up to your school’s values of honor, integrity, and success. I hope that in the future, my child gets to meet amazing teachers like you.

Warmest regards,

Thank you for helping the Child with Classwork

Dear Sir,

It is said that teachers are like role models for kids. When children see a teacher in front of them in class, it is very easy to get inspired by such adults in their lives. I am glad that my son has someone as brilliant as you to look up to. This email goes to thank you for all of the efforts that you have made this year for him.

I hope you know that your efforts to not go unnoticed, and that every time my son comes home from school,  he talks about what an amazing teacher you are. While I have been glad to hear that from him, it has never been as apparent to me as when I finally looked at his results. Math has never been his strong suit, but seeing how his grades have improved, and how his overall confidence has improved, I know who to credit.

Thank you for being, not just a teacher, but an educator For staying true to your values, and making an effort to educate children as they should be educated. I hope that my son never forgets the lessons that you have taught him, the confidence that you have instilled within him, and the key elements to succeeding in life that you have ingrained within him.


Thank you for helping the Child’s Overall Performance

Dear Miss,

At the start of this year, my daughter was a very shy individual. She would never speak up in front of crowds, and never present her ideas in front of anyone. It really pains me to see that, because she is such a bright individual. Over the course of these few months that she has been studying from you, I have noticed such a positive difference within her personality. She has become more outspoken, and more confident, and has gained deeper insight into what she wants from life.

It is safe to say that I credit you with this newfound confidence of hers. She says that you listen to her ideas, you make her feel important, and you acknowledge the efforts that she makes. I am writing this email to thank you for all of the efforts that you have made with her. I hope you know that it means a great deal to her to know that she is being heard. My daughter was a very shy person, and you have helped her out of her shell. You have helped her shape up into the kind of person she has always wanted to become. I can only thank you so much for everything that you have done for her. I wish you the best in your future endeavors, and just know that she will never forget the positive influence which you have held over her.