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Letter to propose to your girlfriend for marriage.

These sample letters can be a help to propose your partners to marry you. You can make modifications and additions according to your need.

Letter to propose to your Girlfriend for Marriage.


Sameera Sehgill,

45 D, Mumbai,

My heart,

I have been thinking about this for the last few weeks and decided to first ask and inform you like this. We have been together for 3 years now and are at a point where we both know each other very well, have beautiful chemistry, and our love has only grown over this time. If I talk about you, you are my dream woman and partner I still don’t know how I landed you. You have a complete hold over my life already and I am sure I don’t want it any other way. So, coming to the point my intentions to marry you were always very clear and I know you want the same. I consider both of us perfect for each other. So, I see no reason to delay this happiness of sharing our lives as we both have graduated and have successful careers now. So miss Sameera Sehgill will you marry me? And make me the luckiest man alive.

If you say yes, I am going to be over the moon. I can not explain to you the way my heart is racing writing this. But still my love, I want you to be comfortable and you are the one to decide the time so I leave it all to your decision now. If it’s happy news I am going to throw an official proposal.

Love you,

Your Aryan.

Sample Letter to Propose your Partner for Marriage


Aditya Mehra,

Deluxe apartments, Mumbai,

Dear Aditya,

 It’s our 2nd anniversary today, can not believe we have been dating for two years now. From the best friendship to the most loving relationship I have ever had you have proved to be my soulmate and the only person I can share my life with. I know you have struggled so hard in your life and try to go beyond limits for me. I refused your proposal once to give more time to this relation. I guess now is the time and I am very excited to even think about having you as my husband. I will be the luckiest and the happiest bride if the man I will marry is you. My love, I cant wait to live with you and I am officially proposing to you for marriage. Will you marry me, my dear? I promise to be your best partner. I will be eagerly and nervously waiting. I love you.

Your Shanaya.