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Medical Leave Application for Husband by Wife

These samples or templates of the Application are written on the illness of the husband by the wife. Family is the utmost reason for one’s living a jubilant life. As, there is no reciprocal of the family; so, there should not be any delay to write about their illness to their Boss or Manager. These formats are the best sources for those who are seeking accurate information handle. You can use these templates and feel free to jot them in your own way.

Sample Medical Leave Application


The Manager,

Workplace Name,

City, Country.

Subject:  Leave request due to illness of Husband

Respected Sir,

Hope you are doing good and living life to the fullest. It is to inform you that I am Mrs. McCall Scott (write your name). I am writing this to notify you that my husband is not feeling healthy and fit enough to join for a few days. His health deteriorates due to eating some contaminated food as described in the reports. When he feels contented he will definitely resume his work. Till then, rant him off for 15 days.

Thank you in anticipation in advance.

Yours truly,

Mrs. McCall Scott

Date: 16-7-20

Sample Leave Application due to Ilness of Husband


The Principal,

School Name,

City, Country.

Subject:  Leave request due to illness of Husband by teacher

Respected Madam,

With all respect, I am stating that my husband has open heart surgery right after two days. I don’t know how I will manage things on my own with the regular school schedule. Therefore, I want to take off for 25 days. I want to keep an eye on him so that I may medicate him thoroughly. Also, I do not want to miss the follow-ups. Kindly grant me the supposed leaves so I can make him feel at home and assist him in the best possible manner. Kindly arrange a teacher till I resume my duty.

Looking for an enthrall feedback from you.

Yours Candidly,

Name: Priya Khurana

Date: 16-9-20

Easy Leave Application due to Illness


The HR,

Workplace Name,

City, Country.

Subject:  Leave request due to illness of Husband.

Respected Madam,

With respect, I, Mrs of (Husband name), am writing this in time of unease that my husband has developed cysts in his bladder. An instant procedure is needed to get done. If it remains unchecked or not removed timely then the situation would become worsen. Therefore, he needs a complete bed rest with said leaves of 1 month in approximate.

If you bestow him with the off, it will be highly appreciated. I am eagerly waiting for your positive response.

Thanking you.

Sincerely Yours,

Name: Rajesh Kumar

Date: 22-4-21