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Urgent Leave Messages for Students

Here are sample multiple messages for students on urgent or priority basic. Necessary changes can be done.

Urgent Leave Messages for Students

1- Leave Messages due to Mother Illness

Respected Sir,

My mother is not feeling well and we might need to take her to the hospital. I am her elder son so I have to be her. I need urgent leave for today. Kindly acknowledge.


Nahil Sharma

2- Leave Message due to Sudden death in Family

Dear Sir,

I cannot come to college due to the sudden death in my family. He’s one of the closest relatives. I’m still in shock. I will submit my work by tomorrow.

Yours Sincerely,

Mohina Singh

Graduation Final Year

3- Leave Message due to Mother Checkup

Hello Sir,

I hope that you’re doing well. I won’t be able to join today’s seminar due to my mother monthly checkup. She’s not feeling well from the past few days. I am the only child have to take care of everything. I hope that you will understand my situation.

Thanks now and later.

Ritu Agarwal

B.com 2 year

4- Leave Message due to Road Accident

With Respect,

I am writing this to inform you about my accident. Last night I went to the local public library for the preparations of my exams. While returning home I slipped in front of a car. That car went completely out of control. I am fine but still very scared with some minor injuries. So, I won’t be able to join today’s class.

Yours Obediently,

Raaj Mehta

BCS 1 Semester

5- Leave Message due to Traffic & Strike Issues

Respected Madam,

As you must be familiar with the current situation of Strike in the town. There is heavy traffic blockage in our area. I tried to get the other routes but couldn’t reach there too. I request you to postpone today’s quiz.


Duaa Kim

BBIT 6 Semester

6- Leave Message due to Heavy Rain

Dear Ma’am,

I think I cannot submit my project today. There is heavy rain in our area and obviously no other way to come to school. It would mean a lot if you do this favor allow me to submit my project later.

Best regards,

Soha Ali

FD 2 year

7- Leave Message due to Father Sickness

Dear Sir,

I’m feeling sad to inform you about my father’s sickness. He is hospitalized and suffering from high blood pressure. I cannot come to University. Kindly understand my condition. I shall be very thankful to you.

Thanking you!

Hemish Tipul

EE Final year

8- Leave Message for Making ID Card

Respected ma’am,

I turned 18 yesterday. And my father wants me to get my ID card as soon as possible due to some serious Visa problems. So, I can’t come to school today.

Warm Regards,

Esha Hammad

Textile Student 1 year

9- Leave Message due to Car Puncher

Hi there,

I hope that you’re doing great. I want to inform you that I might not be able to come today. My car got puncher while I was on my way to college. As you know that college is very far from my house and there is no other way to come.

Thanks now later,

Nora pattie

10- Leave Message due to Sister’s Admission in College

Respected Sir,

I can’t come to university today. My sister has passed her 10-grade examination with exceptional marks and now she wants to get admission in a good college. I being her elder sister has to be with her. Let’s hope best for her and accept my leave.


Drizzle khan

4 year MC

11- Leave Message for making Passport

Hello Madam,

As you know that I was selected for the international debate competition. They’ve asked me to submit all my documents and copy of my passport before the given date. So, I have to visit the passport office today and can’t come to college.

Thanking you!

Buwahn Mehta

3-year Electrical department








Sample Fever Leave Messages for Students

Here are multiple messages for students due to fever leave. Everyone can use these sms according to requirement.

Sample Fever Leave Messages for Students. 

1-Leave Message (due to severe temperature)

Respected Sir,

I’m a student of your college grade 12 section A. I want short leave due to severe fever. Today was my test so I came to take that particular test. Kindly allow me to go home.


Yours Obediently,

2- Dengue Fever Leave Message

Dear Madam,

I hope that you’re fine. I want to aware you from my medical condition. As you know I have been suffering from high fever and body ache from the past few weeks. So, I decided to see the doctor and after some tests, he told me that this is not the normal fever I’m having dengue fever. So, he prescribed me some more tests and rest. I won’t be able to join school today I will definitely drop my medical leave certificate by tomorrow.

Thanking you!

Best Regards,
Student of————-

3-Leave Message due to Cold and flu

Hello Sir,

With due respect, I’m not feeling good to inform you that I won’t be able to take today’s quiz because of my poor health conditions. I’m having high fever & flu due to cold weather kindly allow me to retake this quiz.

Yours Obediently,


4- Leave Message due to Ear Piercing

Dear Madam,

I’m dropping this thread to inform you that I’m having a high fever due to ear piercing. I went to a local shop near our house to get my ears piercing done as I was really excited about that but it turned out so much painfull for me. Kindly accept this and allow me to leave for one day.

Yours Thankful,


5-Leave Message due to Jaundice Fever

Respected Sir,

As you know that I’m dealing with jaundice which is on its early stage. I have a high fever due to this and won’t be able to join the seminar. Kindly acknowledge this and grant me leave for a day.

Yours Sincerely,


6-Fever due to Chest Infection

Hello Sir,

I’m sorry to bother you this time but it was urgent as I have my final year project presentation tomorrow morning and I’ve high fever bad cough due to the chest infection. Kindly do something about this because I won’t be able to present in this condition.

Thanks now and later

Yours Grateful,
Kamia Thort

7-Fever due to diverse weather

Hi there,

With due respect and reverence, I want to notify you about my health issues. I’m suffering from a seasonal infection which caused the high fever. Kindly pray for my health and grant me short leave.

Numal Robert

8-Fever due to Typhoid/Malaria

Hello Sir,

I’m really sorry but I won’t be able to deliver my project today. I have high temperature as you might know about my typhoid. I hope that you’ll understand this. I’m writing this personally so I could say sorry to you because you worked so hard.

Best Regards,

Sonia Khan