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Congratulation Letter For Promotion

You can use these sample letters to congratulate your employees, peers, family, friends on getting a promotion in their relevant jobs. How To Congratulate a Colleague on Their Promotion. You can easily use these or add your personal information to modify these to use.

Sample Congratulations Letter For Promotion


Mr. Akshay Verma,

Marketing Manager,

Arise India.

Subject: Notification of Promotion to the designation of Chief Marketing Officer.

Mr. Akshay,

I am writing you this to inform and congratulate you on your promotion to the designation of Chief Marketing Officer at Arise India. We acknowledge your contribution for the last decade to the Company. You have served the company exceptionally being a Marketing Manager for the last 10 years. You were the only one from our team who deserved this more than anyone else based on your hard work and regularity. You have an exceptional record of your tenure and we see you as being the most capable to manage the duties of a Chief Marketing Officer. We have seen you being a great leader for your teams and believe that you are going to do great in managing the people who will be directly reporting to you exceptionally and will manage your team and peers like a true leader and will add value to the Company.

Kindly see your existing CMO and take tasks and information regarding your job from him.

Anand Ahuja.

Arise India.

Congratulations Letter To Your Father For His Promotion


Mr. Ankul Jay,

Aish Apartments Mumbai,

Dear Father,

I hope you are doing great and enjoying best of the health. We are doing great here too. I am writing you this to congratulate and appreciate you on your promotion, same that you must have done for me if it was me. you know that all my life you have been my inspiration to move forward, keep on doing your thing, and despite hardships and failures you never stopped. I know that you started so small that seeing you getting promoted to your dream designation gives me hope that no matter early or late if you keep the hard work going, you are going to get there. I and mum are so happy right now and just want to thank and hug you for all the hard work you have always done for both of us, I know that you never quit to give us this lavish life that we are enjoying. You are the only one I believe that deserved this designation, you are an extremely talented and smart person. I will try my best to make you proud dad same as you made me feel proud to be your son.

Take lots of care of yourself and come to see us soon. We are missing you. Lots of love.

Your dearest son,

Abhinav Jay.

Congratulations Letter For Promotion


Mr. Ankul Khanna,

Relationships Manager,

Central Bank Of India.

Subject: Notification of Promotion to the designation of Financial Advisor.

Mr. Ankul,

It is to inform you that you have been promoted to the designation of Financial Advisor for the bank after serving tha bank as a Relationships Manager for 5 years. This designation is rewarded to you solely for your dedication and loyalty to your job. You have been an exceptional employee throughout these years and helped the bank and its client to resolve all the minor and major issues easily. Therefore we see you eligible to deserve this designation and qualify to perform the tasks of a Financial Advisor for the bank. We see you as a trustworthy employee and a person who is dedicated to his work and no one deserved this more than you. Congratulations on your promotion and keep providing your services like this. We are honored to work with you always. We trsut you for working in the best interest of the bank.

Kindly see the HR Manager first to sign your new designation and get all the relevant information and details about your updated remuneration and duties from him.



Central Bank of India.