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Easy Love SMS between Married Couples

Express your love through these easy SMS samples to your husband/wife. You can change the text according to your need where needed.

Easy love SMS to your husband

Dear husband, you are the most important asset of my life. I simply have no idea what would I even do without you. You are my biggest support system and I feel so blessed to have you.

Your wife.

Sweet love SMS to your husband

My love, you complement my life in such a way that just the thought of living without you feels like a nightmare. You are the nicest man I could ever get. I want to keep you forever.

Your dearest wife.

 Sample love SMS to your husband

Hello my love, piece of my heart. I am highly grateful for everything you do for us and our relationship. The joy you bring to my heart every day I can’t explain in words. The things you do to keep me happy I see it all and I am grateful. I want to love you even more my man.

Romantic  love SMS to your husband

My love,  you are an incredible and amazing husband, the most caring father to our kids, and the most important part of my life. Thanks for working so hard for our family. We all love you.

Yours only.

Easy love SMS to your wife

My lovely wife, you are one of a kind and the smartest and most caring being I have met to date. I am so blessed to have you as my wife. I will choose you only over and over again for me if I had to.

Your man.

Romantic love SMS to your wife

My dearest wife, only a few people are lucky enough to get their soulmates in their lives and I am one of those lucky ones. Your presence gives me the motivation to do something worthwhile in this life. Thanks for always having my back.

Sample love SMS to your wife

My only love, you accepted me at the time nobody trusted me and have always supported me loved my flaws, and turned them into my confidence. Words can’t describe your role in my success I owe my everything to you darling. Husband loves you.

Heartfelt love SMS to your wife

The most precious human and my dearest wife. Your arms are the only place I find peace in. I would spend my entire life without a second thought loving you. You make me feel so loved. Getting such a supportive partner these days is so rare you lifted me always. I want to make your life a real fairy tale. I will fulfill all your wishes, my love.