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Article Regarding Education via Urdu Medium

Article Regarding Education via Urdu Medium

A child is blank, my mind and thoughts I mean. He is only aware of crying, babbling, eating, drinking, passing feces and other wastes, but he is not by birth able to design thoughts, to craft characters. His mental age is purely in the hands of his mother, relatives, and peers and off course the teachers.

The researches show that kids in a tender age of 2.5 are being sent in the schools, say, in playgroup, for learning how to sit and stand in the class. This is a torture for him as he is so dependent on others that he barely can think of putting on his trouser by himself, so how can he be able to ‘learn’ the ‘civic class manners?’ now, this is the question for debate.

We are Pakistanis and our national language is Urdu which is a combination of 13 other languages but is commonly understood by all the natives as is widely used in the country. A child is admitted in the school and if the medium of instruction is Urdu then it is better for his mental understanding. He is at ease in receiving the instructions and the contextual meanings of the subjects he is reading.

Till primary level, the medium of instructions in all the schools must be in Urdu as it is good for the students in making his base. He understands the base of all the taught subjects and is big enough to choose and select the field for him in his future life whether he opts to have science or arts subjects, the crux is he ‘understand’ nature and interest level bound to the category of subjects he is going to choose. All school of junior level must think on it.

Article Regarding Role of Women in Education

Article Regarding Role of Women in Education

21st Century claims to be the most modern of all ages, but in reality, it is not so. Society is made and its base is the fundamental relationship between male and female. Female work 24 hours round the clock and so is true to males as well, but the males are given due respect and dignity in the society whereas the women are deprived of their basic rights in almost all societies and communities. Education is the key part that evolves the personalities of men or women.

In a recent study of 455 women, 45 were educated, in order to see the impacts of education on the educated and uneducated ones. The women with higher education were found composed, self-confident, and courageous and decision makers. They brought up their kids in a more careful and managed way as compared to the less educated.

This era should be the era of women empowerment as Napoleon rightly said: “Give me 100 good mothers, I will give you a strong nation.” It is evident from the type and kind of kids from their mothers’ point of view. Better mothers better kids.

Women are now progressing in every field of life and contributing to the fields of science, arts, medicines, sports, mountaineering and even wrestling. There is nothing that they cannot achieve. They undergo the stressed and painful process of childbearing and then delivering it. In homes and official places, they are concerned and dutiful. They do not go for money, but the respect that they truly deserve. It must be given to them and society must change its view towards her as being a secondary citizen.

Society must understand and give due to dignity to them and honor their efforts in making this society a better place to live in.