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Apology Email to Principal for Ragging

Here is the Easy Apology Email to the principal by students for breaking rules, ragging, or who has nothing to do with those activities of ragging, and still are on the red list of principal. Necessary changes can be done.

Apology Letter to Principal for Ragging on Campus


The Principal

Delhi Public School

Delhi, India

Respectfully, Mr. Principal, I’m aware that there was a recent incident in which some raucous students were caught ragging juniors behind the school. We’ve written down the names of everyone who was present, and we’re waiting for your verdict. However, I humbly request that you reconsider. My name is on the list, although I was never involved in ragging. When I spotted the mob of kids, I went over to attempt to stop them, and many others did as well. Some of us were attempting to put a stop to it, but we may be penalized as a result. I humbly request that you rethink the list and only include the names of students who were really caught ragging, not simply those who were there at the time.

Thank you,

Alina Shiva

3rd Semester,

Environmental Sciences.

Sample Apology Letter to Principal for Ragging on Campus


The Principal

Agra Public College

Agra, India

This is to politely notify you that my name is Ankita Yuvraj, and I am a fourth-semester computer science student at one of the most renowned colleges in the state. I’m writing with the highest respect in order to ask pardon for what I did. I have pity for ragging. I am aware that it is unlawful and detrimental to the college’s image. Please accept my apologies for what I did. Please accept my heartfelt apologies and forgive me. This will never happen again, I promise. Since my admission to your distinguished college, I have been a good student, and I pledge to continue to be a good student until I get my degree.

Thank you,

Ankita Yuvraj

4th Semester,

Computer Science

Apology Letter to Principal for Ragging on Campus (Complaint About Ragging)

To ,

The Principal

Arizona Public College

Arizona, United States of America

This is to politely notify you that my name is James North and I am a proud student of Arizona Public College, one of the best colleges in the state. I am currently studying political science from your college. Since my admission I have been nothing but proud to be a part of this amazing institution but lately me and my classmates have been facing a problem that should be dealt with in an instant and the people doing it shall be punished. Lately some seniors from 3rd year have been disturbing us. They tend to beat us, make us dance, make fun of us or just steal our money which we have been saving for eating food from the cafeteria.

With all due respect, your college is very well reputed in the entire state and such a thing shall not exist at least in your college for this i am writing you this letter and this problem has caused me and my classmates many problems and we are even scared to walk around freely as we know we can be jumped on at any time. Sir, I hope for a quick and a positive response from you regarding this matter, thankyou for your time and consideration.

Thank you,

James North, 1st semester

Political Science Department.