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Business Letter Format About Ending a Partnership

While calling quits to an official business partnership, you are required to end it formally by writing a letter and informing your partners before it. These sample letters can help you write your own. Partnership Termination Letter. You can follow the format shown below and modify these easily by using your personal information.

Sample Business Letter Format For Ending a Partnership


Mr. Mahindar Singh,

Spark Communications ltd.


Subject: Official Notice to terminate the partnership deed.

Mr. Mahindar,

I am writing you this to inform you that I have decided to terminate the partnership we both entered to establish and run this company. As per the deed terms, the one who would like to end the partnership would have to write to the other partner about it a month ago, hence I am writing you this to inform you that I will no longer be managing the business with you. We both decided to establish and run this business together and share the profits in the ratio of our respective investment that is 60% of your contribution to this business. I was pretty satisfied with this business last year but as per the agreement we both had to actively participate in the operating activities to run our business. You being a busy person for some reason have left all the responsibilities on me. I have been managing the business all alone which is disturbing my personal life too because I have to spend more than office hours working and still 60% of the earning are going to you directly without being involved in the business.

I am no longer satisfied with this partnership and want to terminate this. It depends on you either you can take up the all the company by giving me my share or you can leave with your part of share or we will have to wing up this company.

I am giving you a favor by letting you decide what you want to do.


Ajay Devgan.

Easy Business Letter Format For Ending a Partnership


Mr. Abhinandan Kumar (Co-founder) Aspire Pvt ltd,


Subject: Notice to end the partnership deed.

Mr. Kumar,

I hope you are doing great, I am writing you this to bring it to your notice that I have decided to end our long-going partnership. We worked for 10 years together, saw a lot of rises and more lows but we sustained all through it together. I appreciate all the contributions that you made to make our business work and grow. But being practical we both know that this business has been facing losses from the last year and despite both of us investing more, staying more active, and using different strategies nothing has worked to revive it. In light of this unfortunate situation, I have decided to free both of us from this and terminate this partnership and put an end to this company. According to the terms of our partnership, if the business ends due to unavoidable losses, after winding up, the remaining liabilities or assets whichever present will be divided equally among both of us, I will appoint our lawyer to prepare the documents and assign us our respective share. It was a worthwhile experience working with you.


Vishal Khanna.

Business Letter Format For Ending a Partnership


BK Auto ltd,

Mr. Kumar,

Subject: Official notice to terminate the partnership deed.

Mr. Kumar,

I hope you are doing great Kumar, I am sending this official notice of ending the partnership contract that we made to establish and run this company. We made this company and then turn it into a brand. My heart aches to leave all this here, after working so hard for it, but for a better and my ideal future I am moving to Scotland. As I am moving permanently so I want to wind up every business I have here back in India. In this regard, I want to end our partnership and want you to go ahead and be the sole owner of this company after giving me my share as the partnership agreement stated. If you agree to do so which I am sure you are, I will pass the official documents to end the partnership to our financial lawyer to prepare the final documents to terminate this contract and provide me with my share out of the Company’s assets.

Thanks, Bajaj Khanna.