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Leave Application For Going Out of Country

The templates of Leave Application for Going Out of Country are written below.

Template 1: For Students

The Principal,

International School System.

Sub: Leave Application for Going Out of Country

Worthy Vice Principal,

With huge reverence, it is stated that my father works for international firm and because of his outstanding performance since last 10 years he has been awarded with a foreign tour with the whole family. We all are really excited to avail this chance. Madam, it is my request that kindly grant me leave for a month. The tour was of two months but because of educational loss of us siblings it is reduced to a month. I assure you that I’ll cover the entire syllabus. The letter from organization is attached with the leave application.
Please consider my plea, I shall remain thankful and obliged.

Yours Obediently,

Sarah James

Grade 8th

Date: 9/1/16

Template 2: For Professionals

The Manager,

Robert’s Group of Companies.

Sub: Leave Application for Going Out of Country

Respected Sir,

With huge regard it is stated that I have applied for an International Certification in Microsoft few months back. Luckily I’ve come to know that my application is selected for the purpose and for this I will have to go France for a time period of one month. On account of this, I will be requiring leave for the month of September from office. Kindly, sanction me leave for the mentioned time. I shall be greatly beholden.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,

Mike Tyson

IT Coordinator

Date: 9/1/16

Template 3:

The Head of School

Arkansas school of state

Arkansas, USA.


Subject: Long leave for going out of country

Dear Sir,

With respect and honor, it is stated that I am a class teacher of A levels. I have been selected to present my research paper in a conference which is going to held in Spain in the upcoming week. On account of this, I will be requiring leave for a week. You’ll have to arrange a substitution teacher for about a week. I hope you’ll make it possible for me.

Thanks and regards.


Miss Sara

A levels Class Teacher