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Authorization Email for Marketing Agent

Sample Email Formats for Marketing Agents.

Authorization Email for Marketing Agent

From: saimajillani04@gmail.com

To:- Shqgh12345@gmail.com

Dear Sir,

I am writing this email in respond to your detailed marketing plan for our company. I am glad to tell you that we are very contended with your idea of plan. We are putting our bets on it to be the best plan and I hope that itexecute well. We are giving full authorization to your marketing agent to complete his services and work. Weare just a start up so it’s our demand to make this not public, your marketing agent is not allowed to share anything about our company to third party. If he does, we will have to review our choices.

Best  Regards,

Saima Jillani

Authorization Email for Marketing Officer

Respected Sir

I am owner of Highest Fund organization and I have reviewed online about your agency marketing skills. I am authorizing your company to take up the marketing plan in your hands and keep it under cover. Consignments of our products and shipments would be on your head and I am hoping that your marketing agent’s plan will be soothing and go along the company’s way of working. Your agency has a lot of reputation in the market due to which we are putting our trust into it. Hope to have a good work with your agency.

Yours Faithful,

Authorization Email for Marketing Person

Respected Sir,

I am manager of this company and writing this email in a response to your agency request. I have reviewed your request and all the documents attached. I have discussed it with the CEO and we have checked all the parameters of your previous work and we think that your marketing agency can be help of us. We have decided to hand over our company to your agency. Your marketing agent is authorized to run all the operations and do his services and responsibilities with full authority. Looking forward to meet you for discussion.

Yours Sincerely,

Nana Gupta