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Simple and Lovely Birthday Messages to your Girlfriend.

These Sample birthday messages can be used to send to your girlfriend on her birthday to make her feel special and loved. You can make changes and additions where required. Necessary Changes can be done.

Simple and Sweet Birthday messages to girlfriend

Dear Shreya, piece of my heart and blessing of my life, Happiest of all birthdays. You are a wise and smart woman and I know you will make the most out of this life. I wish you success and happiness. Your man loves you.

Lovely Birthday Message to your Girlfreind

Dear Kajol, my lovely lady, happy birthday. I pray this year be the best you have and we both stay together so that I can plan surprises for you all my life just like the one I have planned today. Love you.

Sweet Birthday Messages to Your Girlfriend

Dear Riya, happy birthday my sunshine. I promise to make your birthday special every year and you feel loved forever just stay by my side. I wish you live a hundred more years happy and healthy. Love you.

Heartfelt Birthday Messages to your GirlFriend

Happiest birthday to the love of my life. My prettiest, you can make everyone feel happy. You have blessed my life and are a gift from God. I will make sure you enjoy your day and feel loved.

Cute Birthday Message to your Girlfriend

To the sweetest and most perfect human alive, happy birthday. You are a true angel and have filled my life with love. You deserve this world and more. May you have so many more birthdays filled with love and blessings. Love you.

Sweet Birthday Message to your Girl friend

My Kiara, happy birthday. I ask God to fulfill all your dreams and keep you the happiest and always protect you when I am not around. You are a piece of my heart. I am sending you your gifts I hope you like them. Love you.

Heartfelt and Lovely Birthday Message Wishes to Your Girlfriend

My love, happiest of all the birthdays. Your man loves you and will always make sure to provide you with whatever you wish for. I have a birthday party planned for you today. Hoping to see your beautiful face tonight. Love you.

Sweet and lovely Birthday Messages to yoour Girlfriend

To the most beautiful girl, I know. Happy birthday, I wish for your life to be as pretty and as happy as you are. Your man will always make sure that you are happy and loved. Thanks for blessing my life with your blessings. Sending you prayers and hugs darling.