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Love email by the husband to wife

These sample emails can be used by men to send to their wives on different occasions according to the situation. You can change the personal information copy it easily and can modify it where needed.

Love Email by the Husband to Wife on Anniversary

My dearest wife,

On this special day, the first thing I want to say is Thanks, thanks for being the joy and the reason for my happiness. Your presence has blessed my life always. Your ability to make everyone feel so good and just how smart and loving you are makes everyone fall for you. I have just been blessed in this lifetime.

 I can not even count how many times you have surprised me with your intelligence and smart decisions you have been a guide and a friend to me more than a wife. Being with you feels like I am chilling with a best friend. Happy anniversary my dearest, you have given my life a purpose. Having such a beautiful family with you warms my heart and I promise to give this love, care, happiness back by doubling it. I wanted to make this anniversary very special so I am sending you some gifts just to give back some of the joy you bring to my life.  I am hoping you will love it. I have also planned a special trip for both of us as an anniversary gift as you love traveling. I have everything planned already.

My dear you just need to pack your stuff so we can go have a nice time together. Thanks again for everything my sweets. I hope you like the gifts. Reply to me soon and take care.

Love you my precious.

Your Husband.

Love Email by the Husband to Wife on her Birthday

Hey, my love.

Happy Birthday my gorgeous wife. Many congratulations on the day my dearest the smartest, most loving, most hardworking person I have come across. You make my heart so happy and I consider myself very lucky my honey to be yours. You have no idea how many times you have saved me and my house how blessed we all are to have you and how thankful I am for your presence.

I wish we were together so that I could buy you everything you love for your birthday presents. But, no need to be sad about I miss you and I am coming very soon and we are going to celebrate together. I know you miss me so to make you feel loved and happy I have sent you your favorite flowers and a surprise gift. I hope you are going to love it. Enjoy the day my honey and write to me back soon. Your husband loves you. Take care, hope to see you very soon.

Your dear husband.