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Sample Romantic Love Letter to the Boyfriend who went Abroad for Studies

These letters can be used by people to send to their loved ones especially male partners/ boyfriends. You can change the situation according to your desire anywhere needed and modify these sample love letters according to your needs.

Sample Romantic Love Letter to the Boyfriend who went Abroad for Studies

Raj Opal,

52, 9, London.

Dear love,

I hope you are doing great and are healthy. I am very excited to write this letter to you today because I have so much news to reveal so many things to share that we can not keep up with ever since you left for studies. I meet your family every fortnight and we discuss things we are going to plan as soon as you come back for the vacation. I hope you are doing great with your studies there. My 3rd year of medical school also started. I am trying my best to keep up with all of the activities. I am still going for piano classes as you wanted and have started doing better, waiting for the day you come back and I can play it for you. My family and little brother also miss you. I have adopted a kitten, the same breed that you like I am sending its pictures along and some family pictures for you to see and keep them safe with you. You informed me in your last letter that you have cleared your semester with very good results and have topped your class. We all celebrated this here too and were soo happy. Wishing you more success and health. I miss you will be counting days till then, take care of yourself and do write me back soon. Love you.

Your Love,

Anya Jay.

Easy Romantic Love Letter to the Boyfriend who went Abroad for Work

Vijay Batra,

55, 9, London.

Dear love,

I am so happy to write you at this moment I just hope you have been doing great with life. I received your letter just a while ago and started writing to reply immediately. I am so happy to hear about your promotion. You deserved it more than anyone as you have sacrificed a lot for this job. We will celebrate together as soon as you come back. I am missing you a lot these days as we don’t get to talk that much. I have already planned our vacation for when you are coming back and it will be a surprise. Everything here is going good too except my health I am still recovering from Covid and living alone without you makes it worse. My job will be resuming as soon as the lockdown ends so I am hoping things will get better. Also, my family is insisting I start my masters and if that happens I will be telling you about this. I hope your social life there is great too and you excel at work as I want you to be happy there. I just hope you come back soon, do reply to me about your leave application. Hoping that we meet soon and I  get to see you, honey. Till then take care of yourself and your health the weather there doesn’t suit you so I am hoping you are taking precautions.  I wish to see you very soon.

Yours Love

Shanaya Singh.