Sample Condolences Letter on the Death of his Mother.

These sample letters can be used to send your condolences to your friends on the death of their parents. You can modify this according to your requirement. Necessary Changes can be done.

Sample Condolences Letter on the Death of his Mother

Vijay Batra,

X apartments Delhi,

Dear Vijay,

I just got to know about your loss. I am beyond shock and in real grief so I can imagine what kind of pain you must be going through. Your mother played an important role in my life as well, I remember her being the most polite and generous human towards me. Her immense love and sweet gestures left a footprint on my mind. I will always love her for how she treated me whenever I used to meet her. I can imagine having her, a lovely lady as a mother, and then losing her must be great pain. I just wanted to remind you that you did great and always cared for her and loved her. The time she spent here she got the best from her life and you should be happy that she never suffered any pain or hardships here.

She was a great human being and I know she must be in a good place now. Just wanted to let you know that I am here for you. I will try coming to your house to meet you and present my support. Do not forget that I am only a call away. Whenever you feel like you want to talk to someone dial my number. I pray for you to be fine.

Take the most care of yourself and your siblings.

Anil Khanna.

Letter to Friend for the Condolence of Sudden Death of his Mother

Rahul Khanna,

Z apartments Mumbai,

Dear Rahul,

I just heard the news of your father passing away through a news channel, I just couldn’t believe what just happened for a while. It was a tragic accident. Whatever happened is beyond horrible. I can never imagine what pain you must be going through right now. I heard that the help reached them but this car accident had taken his life before they could do anything. I am so sorry for your loss my buds. I swear it feels like a personal loss. Being someone whose parents have died too I can imagine what it feels like and I understand no words can console you right now. I am writing you this to let you know that your father lived a great life. He was a brilliant human being and I know God will be so happy with him and he will rest in peace forever. We all have to die one day and it was his day. I know he will keep an eye on you from heaven. So please be patient and take care of your mother and siblings.

I will pray for the family to have patience. I will be leaving soon to see you personally. And if you want any help my dear I am always here. You are a brother to me and we as your family are still here with you. Have patience love.

Sidharth Batra.