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Leave Application for Umrah Sample

Sample leave application for performing umrah by students. Sample leave application format for umrah/hajj. Sample leave application for Umrah from office, school, company or any working place.  Umrah is Sunnah of Holy Prophet (PBUH), and Muslims are blessed to perform this, Sunnah. Modify these formats as your need.

Leave Application for Performing Umrah

The principal,
Loyola High school,
Hinduri, India.

Subject: Leave application due to Umrah by student

Respected Madam,

It is respectfully stated that I am Ishaa Ali studying in grade 7th class. I am writing this application to inform you something very close to my heart and this gives me immense pleasure to inform you that I am going to perform Umrah for 21 days next month. In this regard, I need leave for one month. I understand the pressure of studies at peak right now, but I will make sure to cover my course as early as possible, once I am back. It is a great opportunity for me to be closer to my Almighty and this is a very spiritual journey. I hope you consider my request of leave. I shall be highly grateful.

Yours Obediently,
Ms. Ishaa Ali,
26th October 2018

Sample Umrah Leave Application

The HR Manager,
Lucknow, India

Subject: Leave Application for Performing Umrah

Respected Sir,

With Utmost Reverence, it is stated that this is Babar working as finance manager since, 5 years in this organization. the purpose of writing this application is to notify you that, I am going to perform umrah next month. I will take off from November 15th to 30th. Will resume my remaining work when I will be back.
It’s a request to consider these leaves as my annual Leaves.
I will be highly thankful.
Yours Sincerely,

Umrah Easy Leave Application for Employee

The Manager,
India Textile Manufacturing Company,
Khanna Nagar, India.

Subject: Leave application to perform umrah for employee

Respected Madam,

It is humbly stated that my name is Abdullah Ehsan working in this corporate as a marketing executive. It is to bring in your attention that I am going to perform umrah next month. Umrah is a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, performed by Muslims that can be undertaken any time of the year. I am massively delighted to perform Umrah as this is a spiritual opportunity every Muslim waits for in their life. I am aware of the workload, but I really have to go for this spiritual journey. I request you to approve me leave for fifteen days and consider these as my annual leaves. I will be thankful to you.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Abdullah Ehsan,
27th October 2018

Easy Template of Umrah Leave

The Principal
Himalaya International School,
Ratnam, India

Subject: Leave application for Umrah by teacher

Dear Sir,

With due respect and esteem, I am writing this application to inform you with immense happiness that I am going to perform Umrah with my family next month in Saudi Arabia. It’s going to be for 21 days. It is my first ever umrah. It brings a lot of exciting emotions. It is very precious moment for me as a Muslim. I am overwhelmed by the feeling of this spiritual journey. I need leave for a half month and also consider this as my annual leave. I hope you accept my request for a leave. I will be very grateful to you.

Yours Sincerely,
Ms. Alina Butt,
27th October 2018