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Email by Company for Saving Plan on Surplus Money

Money is a commodity with which human being purchase necessities, amenities or afford the luxuries of this world. The money, for most of us, never reaches the level of being surplus, but there are very few lucky ones who reach this state and wanted to further invest their surplus money in varied natures of saving plans. This email is written for the right ones for the right purpose. Feel free to use it.

Sample Announcement Email by Company for Saving Plan on Surplus Money

To: zerT.985@live.com

Cc: eefb.543u@hotmail.com

Subject: Announcement by the company for saving plan on surplus money

Respected Members!

Greetings! How are you all? I hope, you all will be nurtured in the best soil with excellent affluence of ways of development. Getting the right opportunities at the right time is a rare miracle, but when lucky people get that chance they keep their lives in their hands and earn a fortune out of dust.

Being the Head of the companies, I had made a plan of saving the money together with giving a handsome amount of money as profit in return. The detail of the saving plan is enclosed in a leaflet attached to this email so that employees or the interested people can read its terms and conditions together with the valid process of applying for the saving plan specially made for the surplus money.

The plan is made to invest the handsome amount of money to various businesses and in return getting a good amount of shared profit meant to be distributed among the shareholders. The forms are available online, you can fill in the forms providing the valid details and apply for the registration, and the company will inform the registered members via the emails. Thank you.

Yours Truly,

The Company,

26th January, 2020