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Email by Company for Saving Plan of Insurance

Insurance companies are good in a way that they put forward a variety of saving plans for their clients. This email is one such attempt to facilitate the persons who wish to facilitate from the new policies of saving plans. This format is free of cost.

Sample Announcement Email by Company for Saving Plan of Insurance

To: lkjhgf.87654@gmail.com

Cc: oiuy.9872@live.com, qwy.12354@hotmail.com, okjhvc.09765741@yahoo.com,

Respected Sales Managers!

Greetings! How are you? I hope you will be sailing in the titanic of wealth and health and I pray to Providence to give you the same in the future. Amen. I am Mr. Jonatan Wiz, the director of this company. I am no new in this field as previously I was serving in the mainstream channels of the insurance company as Manager. I am here with a reason, I am a creative person and believe in moving forward in life as I enjoy working with diverse variety and offering competent plans.

This time, together with the consent of high ups, I had made a saving plan for the employees as well. Earlier, staff could not be benefitted from the policies or plans meant for the clients, so I thought why not we should open it to all and sundry. As valued staff, you are free to use or take any saving plan of your choice and intimate me on the behalf of your team. Start investing and start counting the profit schemes as well.

I hope you all will appreciate my idea on the saving plans and remember me in your prayers. Looking forward to a positive response from you guys. Take care of your good selves. Adieu.

Best regards,

Mr. Jonatan Wiz,

26th January, 2020.