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An Incident that Changed my Life

I was a rebellious and outspoken kid all my life. I always wanted things to go my way and never tried settling or compromising on anything that I had decided to get for myself. I left home when I was seventeen started living alone. My parents were a nice cool couple who tried providing their kids with everything that they wanted but were controlling so for a kid like me leaving the house was the only option to do whatever I wanted.

With living alone came partying with friends, roaming in places I have never been, making new friends, never taking my life seriously, and never really looking back at my home and my parents. I got admitted to a university for my bachelor’s in communication but never wanted to do anything big. No goals no ambitions. As a kid who was told to do everything and who got bullied a lot in childhood, I lost interest in living life and making a good life for myself. I always took everything for granted and never wanted it to change just wanted to spend my days and be okay with it. I was not a family person as I got abandoned in my past by every friend that I made I developed this habit too. Was used to not checking up on my parents and my siblings who were constantly worried about me wasting my life. In short, I was just living days, and wasting my life had no purpose.

It didn’t take me long to find myself taking drugs. It started from the bad influence I was in partying with people who used to do drugs. Soon I found myself to be one of them too. My family was concerned tried stopping me but to numb the feeling of void I had in my heart due to lack of relationships and the pain was easier and fascinating. I was addicted and all these drugs were eating me inside. It went like this and I didn’t listen to anyone’s advice until a normal morning when I woke up at a sleepover we friends were having at our friend’s apartment who used to supply us drugs. My eyes opened in the morning and I saw my friend lying numb there but shivering his face was all yellow, body ice cold. He was sweating like crazy but was unable to move. I got scared and woke my other friends up. We all called the ambulance. But before the help could arrive our friend passed away, lying next to all of us, just numb and so young. Time stopped for all of us but for me, the tick-tock of the clock also started for my death, when am I going to die due to these drugs? Numb and cold and helpless, just like my friend. This question banged my head during his funeral till we buried his coffin.

That day when I came back to my house changed my clothes washed my face and look into the mirror promising myself that I will not do this to my life. I will not let myself die and die as a loser. I quit on drugs started studying, started appreciating my life and all the blessings along with the chance of realizing my mistakes before it was too late. Started valuing my parents spending time with them and resolving my issues with them, and loving them more. And this was my way and my lesson back to my life.