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Birthday SMS to the Husband

These Sample SMS can be used to send to your husband/partners wishing them on their birthday. You can easily modify or add anything you like into these.

Birthday wishes to your husband

Happy Birthday to the most genuine and the most loving human alive. Happy 27th my love. May you always stay happy, blessed, and healthy like this. Cheers to all these years of success and growth and I wish for you to have infinite more my love.

Birthday wish SMS to your husband

My dearest man, Happy Birthday. You are a gem of a person and I feel blessed to have such an incredible person as my partner. Thanks for blessing our lives with your presence. I promise to love you more every day.

Lovely wish SMS to your husband

Happy Birthday my soulmate. I wish you have an amazing year and all your desires be fulfilled. May God have his mercy on you always. Wishing you all the success and love my dearest. Thanks for existing.

Heartfelt Birthday wish SMS to your husband

Happy Birthday, my love. May you have the best of everything always and live for a thousand years with me. You bless our lives, dear husband. May this year be filled with growth, success, and happiness for you my dear.

Birthday wish SMS to your husband

Happiest of the birthdays to my only love. You deserve nothing but the best of everything my dear and that’s what I always wish for you. I am extremely lucky to have you. We are going to celebrate it big my love.

Romantic Birthday wish SMS to your husband

Dearest, Happy 25th. I wish this year to be the best for you and all of your wishes be granted this year. The things you do for your family and people you know make you a gem. I am so proud to be your wife my love.

Cute wish SMS to your husband

You are one of a kind my partner and your birthday means a lot to me. Happy Birthday my love. The kind heart you have and the sweetness you add to everybody’s lives don’t go unnoticed. I wish God to bless you even more in return.

Happy birthday SMS to the husband

Happy Birthday to the coolest, most amazing, most hardworking person I know who also happens to be the love of my life.  You are the sweetest soul my partner. I wish for you to have an amazing life filled with joy, growth, and love.