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Job Application for Graphic Designer

An application letter, also known as a “cover letter,” is sent with your resume during the job application process. Your cover letter should explain what position you’re looking for, why you’re a great candidate, why they should choose you for an interview, and how you’ll follow up. The following are some examples of job application letters for various firms and positions

Sample Job Application Letter for Graphic Designer.

To The HR Manager,

Jotin Graphic Designer Inc,

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dear Sir,

I’m writing to express my interest in working for your organization Jotin Graphic Designer Inc, as a Graphic Designer. Your firm is searching for fresh candidates with no expertise, as I learned through an advertisement in today’s newspaper. As a motivated and enthusiastic applicant, I feel I meet all of the requirements. Eventually obtained a Graphic Designing diploma from Oxford University, a distinguished university. I began working as a graphic designer for another advertising firm. I had been employed there for almost a year. Unfortunately, I had to travel to another city owing to different things. Now That I’m searching for a new job, having a good organization has precisely what I’m seeking in terms of a professional environment. I guarantee that my abilities will be a great addition to your firm and that I will help it function better. This application includes a brief resume, as well as papers and letters of recommendation. Please contact me as soon as you are available for an interview. I hope my application has attracted your curiosity. Please accept my sincere gratitude for taking the time to read this. I’m ecstatic to talk with you about these fantastic prospects.

Yours Sincerely,

Jubin Nutiyal