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Easy love SMS between Partners

These sample SMS can be used to send to your partners male/ female on different occasions. You can modify these according to your desire.

Easy love SMS to your Boyfriend


How are you, honey? Good morning. Best of luck with your interview today. I hope for tor good news. Love you go ace it.


Easy love SMS to your Girlfriend

Hi sweets,

 What is my love doing? I was missing you so be ready I will pick you up for a date tonight.  See you soon my love.

Your boy.

Easy love SMS to your girlfriend on her birthday

Hey my love,

Happiest birthday to the prettiest and the most adorable human I know. I love you and forever will try my best to keep you happy and satisfied. We are having a party tonight, see you soon honey.


Easy love SMS to your boyfriend wishing him success

Good morning my love. Today is your interview for your dream job and I can not be more excited or anxious about anything. Just keep in mind that you are best at what you do and stay confident. I will be praying. Go and ace it, my love.


Easy love SMS to your boyfriend.

Hey my man, just wanted to thank you for your love and everything you did for me on my birthday. I feel like the luckiest girl alive and you have all of my love honey. Take care of yourself.

Your girl.

Easy love SMS to your girlfriend for checking up on her health

Hey my darling, I just got your text saying you have been feeling sick. How are you now? Have you visited a doctor yet? Just message me if you need anything or if you want to go for a check-up I will be there. Love you take care of yourself and keep me updated.


Sample love SMS to your boyfriend

Hello, my boy. I hope your day was spent well and you are fine. I have been missing you the whole day. Text me when you are free so we can call. Love you.


 love SMS to your partner

 Hey darling,

You are the most precious human to me. And I wanted to remind you that I can fight any odd for you and will always be there to protect you. I want you to feel safe and I want to spoil you in the best way. Just wanted to let you know that I am yours and I will always keep my promises. Love you.

Take care, my love.