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Farewell Speech for Students

Here are the Easy Formats of Farewell Speech for Students. Necessary changes can be done.

Farewell Speech for Students

Dear students! Knowledge is power as you all had heard it many times in your life, but the true expertise is using that power in a befitting manner and making people and situations a success! Now, you all are master’s degree holders and ready to spread your wings to fly towards the new skies of professionalism.

The university had loaded you with the wealth of knowledge and sanity and now it is up to you what you make of it, a curse or a blessing. You are shaped into a whole all-round personality and embraced with skills, the life skills that will ensure your healthy participation in your future concerns. Be committed to your jobs, people and family. Never cheat anyone and not even to yourself. You will be missed dears by all of us. Stay blessed and have a great day ahead!

Farewell Speech for College Students

Dear students! How are you? On this eve, I must congratulate you for the hard work and the dedication with which you have spent all these 3 to 4 years! A farewell is a heavy time, as it is the time when you people are leaving us! The college had arranged a small tea party for girls and boys separately in the nearby canteens. This is planned by your juniors and they wanted to crack some surprises over there. I request you to accompany them and enjoy to your fullest.

But, before going there, spare some time for me and give your attentive ears to me as I wanted to tell you something that is worthwhile and will save you from any sort of damage. Do offer a cup of tea to the persons who are linked with you, then wait for your turn, if they offer you a cup of tea in return, go for him or her, but if it is not offered back then stop yourself and invest your time and energy somewhere else where you can get fidelity. Thank you.