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Farewell Speech for College Students 

Here are the Easy Formats of Farewell Speech for College Students. Every Principal\Teacher can use these Format according to their needs. Necessary changes can be done.

Farewell Speech for College Students 

My dear students! How are you all? Couldn’t hear you properly…. What happened?? Losing energy? At this age? Well, it is surprising for me because when I was of your age, I was packed with energy, a determination will power to conquer the world and never showing down ever in my life!

In you, I see my youth, but it is sad to see that you people are losing your grits so early! It’s just the beginning of your life and you are drained just spending ten hours and at a party! Young men! Life is tough so you have to be even tougher and prove yourself to live and keep on struggling!

Gentlemen! This is your last day with us, feeling sad is natural, but disappointment is a sin. Never commit it! Never! Gather good memories and move on! Stay Blessed!

Farewell Speech for College Students by the Vice Principal:

Girls, girls and beautiful girls! It is really good to see you people enjoying, laughing, eating, playing and taking selfies! Yes! It is a selfie time girls! Collect as much as memories as you can and save it with you as a refresher for your future life!

Life is different and deals with everyone differently, nobody knows what the future holds for him or her in the storehouse, but the best remedy is good memories. We have provided you with the one, this day is not meant for crying, weeping, missing and leaving, rather it is a day of laughter, love, gaiety, togetherness, and carelessness. Collect these good memories as medicines and weapons against the cruelty and injustice of life.

You are girls now, but you will become women soon and women shape a whole new society. I expect greater and highly civilized men and women from you. Will you? That’s the spirit! Good luck girls!