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Farewell Speech for Closing Ceremony of the Bank:

Here are the Easy Formats of Farewell Speech for Closing Ceremony. Every Employee\Worker can use these Format according to their needs. Necessary changes can be done.

Farewell Speech for Closing Ceremony of the Bank:

Respected Staff! How are you all? Yes! The year has come to an end! Your hard work had paid up and is recognized by the seeing ones. The dedicated workers will be given due reward and award in the shape of bonuses or concrete gifts. The list is not very long, but it is not too short as well. Those who get their efforts paid off are congratulated by the administrative staff, and those who had not received are being given the notion of best of luck next time.

I am an eye witness to the work and the quality work as everything was piled up and managed at my desk, so I am in a better state to crop down the list and encourage the quality work of the dignified employees. The names will be posted on the notice board by tomorrow, for now, move to refreshment area and delight yourself with some food and tea. Thank you.

Farewell Speech for Closing Ceremony of Industry:

Dear staff members! How are you all? I hope you will always be a dedicated team well versed in your work and expertise. A few decades ago, this industry was set up by my forefathers with the idea of running the kitchen of their own homes and the homes of many people like them outside the family too. I have seen the changes and the progress that has been made to it. It brings a tear of happiness in my eye to see that young industry to this adult industry! This has happened just because of you, you and you!

I can never pay your sincerity, loyalty, and dedication with which you served this industry. It is more yours than mine. I am mindful of your efforts, so I am increasing your pays on a 50 % ratio so you can enjoy your life with better ideas and living styles. Thank you.