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Email due to Change in Salary Increment Policy

Salaries are meant to be paid to the people who did work and agree to give their time to certain workplaces. Changes in increment in salaries are subject to revise and it should be revised as each salaried person is tied with duties and bills. This format is for those who wish to go for the change in the policy of salary increment.

Sample Announcement Email due to Change in Salary Increment Policy

To: wesaf.0ijr@gmail.com

Cc: 23wd.09uj@live. Com

Subject: Announcement due to change in the policy of salary increment

Respected High Ups!

Greetings! How are you all? I hope you all will be sailing in the colossal of prosperity and health and I pray to Providence to give you the same in the future. Amen.

Policies are made and framed to run a system and smoothly as well, but if the policies remain the same and are not flexible enough to be changed then it will lag behind the modern progressive infrastructures. Salaries are the main and vital part of any workplace. The policies on this subject should be revised and from now onwards, the increment in salaries will be doubled, but on a performance base. It is good news and needs healthy competition amongst yourselves and between other rival companies.

It is, therefore, recommended to send us the detail of each employee together with his past five years performance index showing his lows and highs. The report should reach this office before the next month so that increment in salaries should be made. I hope you understand what I mean. The report should include graphs and pie charts as well. Thanking you in anticipation of prompt action. Good luck!

Yours Truly,

Mr. Chairman,

26th January 2020