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Email by Student about death in Family

Deaths are part and parcel of life, but they came as testing times for people which many of us don’t understand and spent our time in mourning and weeping for them. It is no doubt a matter of pain, but one must not get shattered at its hand. This email format is written for the ones who wish to take life forward and need leaves to regain their senses.

Sample Announcement Email  by Student about death in Family

To: cecil.785@hotmail.com

Cc: Arthur.timid@live.com

Subject: Sample email format of the announcement by a student about death in the family

Respected Madam!

Greetings! How are you, madam? I hope you will be living a happy and healthy life with your loved ones. I was also enjoying the fruits of love and care with my family, as many of us do, but I am no luckier now to ooze out goodness from my family as my father had passed away this morning!

This is a huge loss for us, especially me because I was badly attached to him and he was like my friend who was always there for me in thin and thick of life. I am the eldest son of my father and so the duties of the family lie on my shoulder to the greatest extend.

I am in need of leave for ten days so that I can perform the duties that are incumbent upon me from my religion and certain desires of my father which are to be fulfilled by me right after his demise. Kindly grant me the leaves for ten days and make me thankful for your kind concern and patience in hearing me. Thanking you in anticipation of the positive and prompt action.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Arthur Tom,

26th January 2020.