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Email by Management due to Religious Strikes

This format of email is for those who are concerned for their employees and wanted to save their lives from the breakdown during the strikes. Feel free to use this format as it is free of cost!

Sample Announcement Leave Email by Management due to Religious Strikes



CC:  Fom.989876@gmail.com,  Ram.9987655@live.com, liz87654@hotmail.com, lib.agfds@live.com

Respected Managing Directors!

Greetings! Wishing you a wonderful day filled with bloom and fancies of health and wealth.  Health is the key to all happiness and is rightly understood by the ones who are in ICU or on the beds dreaming and wishing to get their health and life back!

Life is very important, even more, important than earning money. Religion had turned into a weapon that illiterate people use to kill others’ necks but seldom do they understand that each religion is the manifesto of peace, love, and harmony. Having said, it is equally unavoidable to ignore such people, religious strikes are common nowadays and we all are aware of the reasons behind such strikes. Apart from all other concerns, it is really important to save our employees from the adverse effects of strikes, so we have decided to announce three days’ leave in this connection.

Kindly, take this email as an order and intimate all the concerned departments and companies to schedule the meeting plans or the linked relevant tasks of office work and take the tasks after three days off. After doing the needful, come back to us and detail us regarding the steps you have taken in your regions or departments. Thanking you in anticipation of a positive and prompt response.

Best Regards,

Mr. Jones Joy,

President, Broiler Company,

26th January 2020