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Email for Freezing new Hiring in Teaching Staff

Teaching is a noble profession, meant to raise a whole new generation of ignorant into civilized and knowledgeable individuals. Teaching is never easy and so the hiring process as well. The rising demand in getting an education is increasing day by day. This need is fulfilled by hiring new teaching staff on a need basis, but when the optimal level of hiring is done, the further process stops or is announced as freeze. This email is written for the right ones for the right purpose.

Sample Announcement Email for Freezing new Hiring in Teaching Staff

To: refs-6754@gmail.com

Cc: rwsd-755y@hotmail.com

Subject: Announcement by company for freezing new hiring in teaching staff

Respected Principals!

Always remember the blessings that Almighty had given you rather than counting the misfortunes as it’s a negative attitude which leads to destruction of mental peace of yourself and the people linked with you.

By the grace of God, we had done the breakstone ceremony of our new branch of this system. We needed the staff in respect of ancillary, clerical, management and the teaching staff as well. All the staff required for the respective department had been selected. The same goes for teaching staff as well, but we are still receiving the applications for the teaching department.

It is, therefore, requested to inform you that please put a notice on the notice boards regarding the freezing of the new hiring in all the departments, especially the teaching department. It will save our time as well as the time of the people intending to get the job here. Please take necessary steps in this connection and inform us at your earliest. Thank you.

Yours Truly,

The Chairman,

26th January, 2020.

Article Regarding Education as Means of Change

Article Regarding Education as Means of Change

The world is full of puns and paradoxes. It gives life within life, a play within a play. Poverty, corruption, inequality, injustice, illness, sickness and illiteracy plagued this beautiful world called the planet earth.

Human life is balanced due to unbalance. Few are rich, many are poor, others are mediocre, but all live in the same environment, same atmosphere, and same world. Everything is for everyone and nothing is for no one. This unbalance is not permanent and it does not stick to rule of NEVER CHANGE but in fact, the world is constituent on the very rule of ONLY CHANGE IS PERMANENT!

If a poor person wants to become rich, he has all rights to do so, no one will stop him. The only thing that he must adopt is to get a good education in order to step forward on the staircase of life which is ever winding. Corruption can be the barrier for such a person, but it too can be eliminated with the beacon of knowledge and guided education.

There are many people in this world who are aware of the power of education and they change the face of the world with this strongest weapon. There are many who were poor or belong to very humble status, but they stood steadfast and bare the harshness of life. These are the people who are the true helper and they are the ones who want to guide others on how to get themselves prepare in life and hatch the unhatched eggs of torture, obstacles, and torments.

Educated people are the real agents of change and after bringing change in themselves they change the face of the world. They are renowned names now and paved the paths for others to follow in their lives.

Article Regarding Significance of Education

Article Regarding Significance of Education

Education is medium through which skills and special knowledge is acquired. It is, in fact, a constant effort of the older generation to transfer their knowledge and skills to the younger generation. This transfer of skills and information requires a medium and that medium is education.

Education is not just books, novels, poetry etc., but it is a way of living. The mean to teach their young ones their values, national spirits, patriotism, customs, eating manners, discipline, artistic behavior, dealings with others and to himself. Education is everything!

Education shapes the future of people. A learned and well-educated person is bound to touch the sky as it’s his limit. A learned person knows the importance of communication and cope up with other aspects of life while it is very difficult for the illiterate person to understand and communicate well with others. Education make it possible for the person to talk, to analyze and take steps to improve his lifestyle.

Modern education teaches reason and critical thinking. It is an ardent follower of Bloom’s taxonomy that is the harbinger of 5 levels: knowledge, understanding, application, analysis, and evaluation. These are hard nuts to crack as each term is linked with the last one that is evaluation and it is not easy to crack. The person who is educated must be well versed in acquiring the skill of evaluating. As life impose certain situations that are unpredictable but needs an extreme mental presence in order to analyze and evaluate them.

Education provides that very base and teaches the basics of life on grounds of how, when and where to talk and where to hold yourself. Education plays a vital role in shaping a person into a successful being and sets landmarks for future life.

Article Regarding Education via English Medium

Article Regarding Education via English Medium

Education is a vast term as it envelopes all subjects coming under the category of arts, science, religion, filmmaking, home economics, basic sciences, health sciences, instruments, literature, and financial studies.

After each 5 to 10 years, new policies are made by the education minister for keeping the students abreast with the modern education system around the world. In most of the countries, the medium of instructions is English as is the language widely used in the world.

English is an easy language for those who are early speakers or natives but is difficult for those students who are not used to speaking of it. For their convenience, English dictionaries are made available in print as well in electronic media, special apps are made for the spreading of it around the world.

Students whose medium of instruction is English are handy of it and if they face any issue regarding the difficulty of terms or words, the easy to understand dictionaries are a quick solution for such students. In their dictionaries and thesaurus, each and everything is explained in great detail leaving no ambiguity behind.

It is also true that developed countries are making more researches and are equisetic about the world and the developed countries’ language is English. They write the books in their native language thus promote it as its byproduct. The developing or third world countries are lagging behind due to their laziness and finding no mood to get the books translated into their own language and in easy to understand level. So are bound to read the books in English. The texts of Mathematics, science, Islamiyat, social affairs, journalism, law, and so many textbooks are in English just because of its newness and easy wordings. English should be a medium of instructions in college and university levels.


Article Regarding Education via Urdu Medium

Article Regarding Education via Urdu Medium

A child is blank, my mind and thoughts I mean. He is only aware of crying, babbling, eating, drinking, passing feces and other wastes, but he is not by birth able to design thoughts, to craft characters. His mental age is purely in the hands of his mother, relatives, and peers and off course the teachers.

The researches show that kids in a tender age of 2.5 are being sent in the schools, say, in playgroup, for learning how to sit and stand in the class. This is a torture for him as he is so dependent on others that he barely can think of putting on his trouser by himself, so how can he be able to ‘learn’ the ‘civic class manners?’ now, this is the question for debate.

We are Pakistanis and our national language is Urdu which is a combination of 13 other languages but is commonly understood by all the natives as is widely used in the country. A child is admitted in the school and if the medium of instruction is Urdu then it is better for his mental understanding. He is at ease in receiving the instructions and the contextual meanings of the subjects he is reading.

Till primary level, the medium of instructions in all the schools must be in Urdu as it is good for the students in making his base. He understands the base of all the taught subjects and is big enough to choose and select the field for him in his future life whether he opts to have science or arts subjects, the crux is he ‘understand’ nature and interest level bound to the category of subjects he is going to choose. All school of junior level must think on it.

Article Regarding Role of Women in Education

Article Regarding Role of Women in Education

21st Century claims to be the most modern of all ages, but in reality, it is not so. Society is made and its base is the fundamental relationship between male and female. Female work 24 hours round the clock and so is true to males as well, but the males are given due respect and dignity in the society whereas the women are deprived of their basic rights in almost all societies and communities. Education is the key part that evolves the personalities of men or women.

In a recent study of 455 women, 45 were educated, in order to see the impacts of education on the educated and uneducated ones. The women with higher education were found composed, self-confident, and courageous and decision makers. They brought up their kids in a more careful and managed way as compared to the less educated.

This era should be the era of women empowerment as Napoleon rightly said: “Give me 100 good mothers, I will give you a strong nation.” It is evident from the type and kind of kids from their mothers’ point of view. Better mothers better kids.

Women are now progressing in every field of life and contributing to the fields of science, arts, medicines, sports, mountaineering and even wrestling. There is nothing that they cannot achieve. They undergo the stressed and painful process of childbearing and then delivering it. In homes and official places, they are concerned and dutiful. They do not go for money, but the respect that they truly deserve. It must be given to them and society must change its view towards her as being a secondary citizen.

Society must understand and give due to dignity to them and honor their efforts in making this society a better place to live in.