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Article Regarding Education via English Medium

Article Regarding Education via English Medium

Education is a vast term as it envelopes all subjects coming under the category of arts, science, religion, filmmaking, home economics, basic sciences, health sciences, instruments, literature, and financial studies.

After each 5 to 10 years, new policies are made by the education minister for keeping the students abreast with the modern education system around the world. In most of the countries, the medium of instructions is English as is the language widely used in the world.

English is an easy language for those who are early speakers or natives but is difficult for those students who are not used to speaking of it. For their convenience, English dictionaries are made available in print as well in electronic media, special apps are made for the spreading of it around the world.

Students whose medium of instruction is English are handy of it and if they face any issue regarding the difficulty of terms or words, the easy to understand dictionaries are a quick solution for such students. In their dictionaries and thesaurus, each and everything is explained in great detail leaving no ambiguity behind.

It is also true that developed countries are making more researches and are equisetic about the world and the developed countries’ language is English. They write the books in their native language thus promote it as its byproduct. The developing or third world countries are lagging behind due to their laziness and finding no mood to get the books translated into their own language and in easy to understand level. So are bound to read the books in English. The texts of Mathematics, science, Islamiyat, social affairs, journalism, law, and so many textbooks are in English just because of its newness and easy wordings. English should be a medium of instructions in college and university levels.


Article Regarding Education via Urdu Medium

Article Regarding Education via Urdu Medium

A child is blank, my mind and thoughts I mean. He is only aware of crying, babbling, eating, drinking, passing feces and other wastes, but he is not by birth able to design thoughts, to craft characters. His mental age is purely in the hands of his mother, relatives, and peers and off course the teachers.

The researches show that kids in a tender age of 2.5 are being sent in the schools, say, in playgroup, for learning how to sit and stand in the class. This is a torture for him as he is so dependent on others that he barely can think of putting on his trouser by himself, so how can he be able to ‘learn’ the ‘civic class manners?’ now, this is the question for debate.

We are Pakistanis and our national language is Urdu which is a combination of 13 other languages but is commonly understood by all the natives as is widely used in the country. A child is admitted in the school and if the medium of instruction is Urdu then it is better for his mental understanding. He is at ease in receiving the instructions and the contextual meanings of the subjects he is reading.

Till primary level, the medium of instructions in all the schools must be in Urdu as it is good for the students in making his base. He understands the base of all the taught subjects and is big enough to choose and select the field for him in his future life whether he opts to have science or arts subjects, the crux is he ‘understand’ nature and interest level bound to the category of subjects he is going to choose. All school of junior level must think on it.