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Diversity and Inclusive Teaching Impact

Diversity and Inclusive Teaching Impact

Inclusive teaching is the method of teaching in which students should feel supported and appreciated. His opinions should hold value and freedom of speech is given to the student so he can project his thoughts and ideas easily. There are no confinements when it comes to inclusive teaching. Inclusive teaching is done to engage a diversity of students of different backgrounds, social class, race yet their opinions are mattered the same. It is to acknowledge the difference between students yet giving them a civic platform to participate. This teaching approach enhances the safe zone for students to learn in an open environment. Learning, thinking and teaching can be done easily where their parameters are set before and equal for all students.

Understanding the essence of diversity in the classroom is very significant, accepting to create an environment on campus or class where students from different backgrounds will come and hold different life experiences. Their sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, religion all vary yet this diversity becomes inclusive when they are catered with support and welcome with freedom. There should be an environment in which every student shares their diversified experiences without any hesitation and if this kind of impact is acquired-this is what you call inclusive teaching.

Teachers should train a student to be open to diverse environments so they can be trained for their careers as they will meet a different kind of people from different cultures and opinions at work. Students learning should be based on their diverse perspectives and opinions value. There should be no biasness by teachers and each student should be listened to and respond with the same respect as any other student in the class. If a student is facing any problem regarding their culture or religion, the teacher should call the student and let him talk about it so it can be resolved. There should be inclusive teaching strategies planned so that teachers can learn how to bring equity in the class without differentiation. Teachers should invite guest lecturers from different ethnicity so the student can understand the essence of diversity.

This kind of inclusive teaching methodology will bring positive change for the students. As there had not been a lot of awareness on this matter so people did not have a broad idea about diversity and inclusive teaching. Its implementation will lead students to stand at any workplace without any hesitation and they can give some level of respect to other people regardless of their race, religion, and ethnicity. This kind of environment is free of stereotypes and no student should be prioritized based on their race or ethnicity which would bring equity in the classroom. The inclusive teaching method is coined so every student can feel the right to education and can give back to the society in numerous ways by learning from this kind of environment.