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Email due to Change in Syllabus Policy

Sample Announcement Email due to Change in Syllabus Policy



CC: Tom.9876@gmail.com, Sam.0987@live.com, liz87654@hotmail.com, Mib.agfds@live.com,

Respected Regional Directors!

Greetings! How are you all? I hope you all will be sailing in the good ship of health and wealth. I am always delighted to see my team as you all are really into your work and dedicate towards it, no matter how many days you people spend on the task given by the head office. You never failed my expectations, and so do we like to live up to your expectations levels. I Hope, we are meeting your expectations.

Well, I have heard regular cries regarding syllabus from almost all the regions. There are certain points that drew my attention that I am sharing with you. The points are:

  • Term wise syllabus division is not judicious as students need more time in settling to the new things, class culture, teacher-student rapport building, grip on new concepts, etc.
  • There is lesser exercises or portion for revision that made it a nightmare for the teachers to pull the students and redirect them again and again, it is wastage of time for both the ends.
  • Many concepts in the syllabus are not aged appropriately as a student could not digest them easily, but forget them the very next day!
  • The sudden or unexpected leaves affect the syllabus and it is really very difficult for the teachers to keep up the normal teaching pace.

Now, all these points are serious in their nature and do affect the routine of school to a greater extend. Keeping in mind, all these points, it is decided to take off one lesson from both the terms and exclude the project work lessons as well. Please forward the decision to your principals and intimate us about the opinion of teachers on it, so we can take further steps on it. Thank you.