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Sick Leave for Corona Virus

As the name indicates, Sick Leave is written by students/employees to their respective person in charge. As they ask for certain days off from their work to convalesce properly. In this blog, a few templates will be available. So the users can use these templates according to their wish.

Sample Sick Leave Application for Corona Virus

Respected Madam/Sir,

It is stated with gratitude that the ongoing situation of Covid-19 has influenced many lives. I am among those who also got infected. As you know, this is a contagious infection. So, I isolated myself for X days from the public to avoid the prevalence of this infection. Owing to this, I want some days off.

 Until I resume to office/university I made a request to Mr/Ms. (YY) to continue my work. As we are working on delegation/thesis, I will only be available via calls and emails not physically.

I presume you consider my health condition and will grant me leave for (x) days.

Thank You,

Yours Obediently,

X .Y. Z

Easy Sick Leave Application for Corona Virus

Dear CEO/Owner,

With all respect, I state that a few days back I tested positive for SARS-COVID19. To follow the SOP directed by the health institute, I Self Isolated myself for a good cause.

We were in the middle of our X consignment, so I managed to team up with other members to look after my work. Furthermore, Mr. (XYZ) took the initiative to gear up all of my remaining work.

Now, I request you to sign my application for xx days. It will be more kind of you.

Yours sincerely,


Sick Leave Template for Corona Virus

Honorable Sir/Madam,

As you are familiar with the asymptomatic and symptomatic pathogenicity of coronavirus, I was diagnosed with the asymptomatic virus. Due to its late prognosis, my lungs are atrophic now. I am having dilemmas in breathing as well. Therefore, I cannot come to my workplace.

Thereby, if you bestow me with sick leave till my complete recovery it will be highly obliged.

Much anticipated.

Sincerely Yours,